Sunday, May 3, 2009

Socialization Take 1

So in light of Maxwells not so social behavior, I began a dog meet up group. We had our first meeting today for a walk. At first site everyone barked at each other - you know it's a part of that meeting head on thing I believe. Maxwell growled as well. But it lasted all of 5 seconds it seemed & then everyone got along splendidly! I only brought Maxwell & Maribelle along since I was feeling a bit under the weather & didn't want too much chaos but after starting I wish I had brought the other 2 Chi's. Oh time for sure! Here are a couple snaps from our first meet up - I'm hoping next time we get a few more people and pups to join! But for the first meet up, my two Chi's, a cute little Pomeranian & a happy Japanese Chin was just perfect. :o)


  1. Awww...that looks like so much fun. How proud you must be of Maxwell! I only hope Lexi behaves half as well for our first meetup. I am trying to get enough people for a Chihuahua (or other equally as small dogs) meetup group in our area. We have a small dog meetup group, but I worry about the 15-25lbers with 2-6lb Chis.

  2. Yayy that's great!! Way to go Maxwell!! Good job on putting together your own group too :)