Saturday, May 16, 2009

And then there were 5....

Well, for a few days anyway & it's actually 6 if you count our big dog, Zander! Last year when we doggy sat Lacie (my grandfathers almost 4yo Pomeranian) it was just Zander, puppy Matilda & Lacie. Lacie isn't exactly a social dog. Never really learned how to act around other dogs & avoids them all she can. Matilda went nuts trying to play with Lacie last year but Lacie wouldn't have it. She'd scream if Matilda got close as if she were dying - didn't bit or nip but just screamed. Matilda of course thought *that* was great & it encouraged her to try harder. LOL

Things this year are different with her visit. The obvious change, we've grown 3 dogs larger. But also my pack leadership since "finding" Cesar Millan. There is a significant difference in Lacie as a result and she's only been here for 3 hours! At first arriving I took all 5 little dogs for a walk. Lacie, being the anti-social that she is, had a hard time walking IN the pack. She stayed all around the perimeter of everyone else trying to avoid getting too close. This we'll work on as the week goes on. I believe her being here is as good for her as it is for my pack of Chi's to get used to another dog being around as they aren't very social either. Lacie is absolutely spoiled by my grandfather which isn't a bad thing per say but it's resulted in a yappy (like I've already said) anti-social dog.

Anyway, when coming back from our walk - I put all the pups in the play area outside to get a bit used to each before bringing everyone inside. I kept a VERY close eye on Milo as when he meets other little dogs he attacks them & actually managed to grab & pull out a big wad of Lacies fur a few weeks ago. I did catch the "glare" a couple times but quickly corrected it & so far, no "episodes" at all and hopefully there won't be.

I plan on taking the pups for a daily walk this week (I've been super slack lately with this!!) and tomorrow we've got another local dog meet up. This time, at my home, so all my pups will be able to attend, including Lacie! It should be fun & good for them all!

I did manage to get a picture of this weeks "pack". Matilda is a tad put out with Lacie as of right now. I think it's got to be a female thing as she did this with Maribelle as well. She's not nasty or anything but gives me dirty looks if I'm holding Lacie and when I tried to sit her next to Lacie as well...she didn't exactly want to but did because I "asked" her to.

OH & Lacie ate some doggy jerky! This may not be a big deal to most but Lacie has never taken any sort of treat from me (with the exception of cheese). So either she's getting comfortable here already .... or the doggy jerky was just way too good to pass up. ;o) Not to mention her "yapping"? Basically non-existent. She is responding to corrections like a champ & seems very influential. Even hubby is impressed! I think this week is going to be a good experience. I guess it will give us practice for when we are ready to add another. hehe

Leave it to Maxwell to blink...that Chihuahua has his eyes closed more than open! LOL


  1. That's wonderful that she is showing some improvement after only a few hours. I think her stay with you is going to be a very good experience for her and for your four cuties. Every little bit helps! Great picture. Your 4 are adorable as always and Lacie is precious!