Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Tale of Maxwells (Mis)Adventures

6AM- My day started off normal. I was curled up on moms pillow and she had her head below me on the mattress. She finally rolls out of bed so I figured I'd go lay down with dad. Finally, I had to pee so bad I forced myself out of bed & out the doggy door....

7:30 AM- Something then seems a little off. Dad was still home but the girls were taking showers. I've still not been offered my breakfast (even though I usually refuse it). Mom is still on the couch though so I guess it's okay. Maybe they just forgot to feed us.

8AM- Mom finally hand fed me a bit. Hmm, usually she doesn't care if I don't eat. I know I'll get some snacks in a while odd! Now mom is taking a shower.

8:45 AM - OH! A leash? I'm going for a walk?! A ride?! Wait!! Where are they all going? They have Matilda but forgot me!! I tried to go outside to see where they were going but for some reason our play area is much smaller. Now there is only room to potty - what were they thinking?? I guess I'll wait inside - they should be home soon.....

11:45AM- ALERT! The door! CRAP, not my family. I've seen her before but I don't trust her. I'll bark & growl from under the high chair until she goes away like I usually do. But were is my family?? If they don't hurry I'll go find them myself!

NOON- Now wait a minute - that's an idea! I go outside and look for a way out. Something has to be wrong - they never leave me here alone with out Matilda to keep a lid on things for this long. I'll go find them & bring them home. I know I can get over this fence dad put up. It's much shorter than the other side - I'm glad dad hasn't finished it yet or else there is no way I'd be able to climb out! YES!! Freedom!! I know exactly where they are. After all, we go this way all the time on walks. Should be a piece of cake! Wait, why are there people following me? I know those people, I hope they leave me alone because I really need to find my family.

12:05PM (and 1/4 mile from home)- Those people are still following me. What is up with that? Maybe they want to go for a walk too? Hey, here comes a truck, I'll follow that guy since he's going in the right direction. But wait, I can't keep up. I'll keep going anyway. I'm sure they are on the same route we take for walks. I should seem them any time!

12:15PM (and 2/3 of a mile from home)- There they are again following me, I'm going to go hide now - maybe then they'll leave me alone.

12:30PM (and 1 mile from home)- The coast is clear. I keep on my route but what's this?? A DOG! A big dog! Here he comes....I need to hide. Oh were is my family? I'm not leaving this spot. This dead bush will keep me safe for now.

1:30PM (and in the same spot as before)- I'm getting scared now. I'm still all by myself but I have been watching that same lady walk back & forth calling out my name. I can't go yet, I still haven't found my familiy but our walks never last this long. I may never find them after all.

2:20PM (and still in the same spot as before)- Whats this? It sounds like my mom but I don't trust them. I'm not sure if it's really her.

2:25PM- Now that sounds like my dad...and Ivy? No, it can't be. I know it's probably those people again looking for me. I must stay here - I've just GOT to find my family.

2:30PM- I hear them again. The lady that sounds like mom is yelling & I'm sure she's yelling my name. And I hear dad & Ivy talking too!? I stumble in the leaves a little bit in excitement & mom see's me. She asked if it was really me. I look back - I look very close & sniff the air. She tries to come close to me but I'm not possitive it's her just yet so I decide to leave my bush & run a little bit to one side. But not too far. Just enough to keep my distance. I sniff a bit more. I look at what I'm sure is dad & Ivy at this point and then I see her. MATILDA!!! I knew for sure it was my family that I had found. I run up & I just couldn't contain myself. I'm sure they won't mind me peeing all over them - after all they did seem pretty excited about me finding out where they had been all day.

2:45PM- I'm so excited to be home & I can't help but whine yet they throw me in the sink for a bath? Mom said I was covered in black fly bites and a few scratches. She also said a couple of my foot pads were torn. I knew they hadn't felt right since running SO FAST on that pavement. If only they knew how hard I was trying to find them. I'm happy I finally did. I think the night would have been pretty scary out there by myself in the woods being as I am only a small 5 1/2lbs. Especially since mom told me it was supposed to storm tonight with that loud thunder & lots of rain. I found them just in time and can now get back to my nap.

With licks & tail wags,


PS. Mom also told me that they really hadn't gone on a walk but had gone on a "family trip" to Fort Knox or something like that? And that they were almost 2 hours away! Well, I guess it's just a good thing I spoted them after they got home & decided to go for a walk....


  1. the poor thing, she got really LUCKY!! thankfully she didnt go very far!! we keep our cats inside because we are so close to the road and those big old trucks down below wouldn't even look for anything in front of glad she is home safe and sound!! carolee

  2. Poor little boy!!!So glad you found him. Makes my heart hurt to think of him scared out there.

  3. Debra, that's what I kept thinking about all the way home. I knew he was in the woods somewhere all alone & scared and just hoped we'd find him so he didn't stay that way. :o( Thank GOD!

  4. Awwww, poor Maxwell! What a little worry wart dog. Glad he's safe!

  5. Oh no! Poor Maxwell. Thank goodness you found him!