Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Milos 1st Annual Appt.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting someone to get bitten at Milo's annual vet appt this morning. I was told after his neuter last spring that he had to be medicated before even being medicated (???) because he wasn't being very friendly?? He's been known to charge some people he chooses not to care for though most people he does very well with. Well, he did FANTASTICALLY at his appt! He was obviously scared & you could see the question in his eyes of "what the hell are you doing to me?" when the vet was doing her exam. And the eye check he totally was trying to avoid at all costs as it would have meant some sort of eye contact with a complete stranger. But he survived all that plus his blood test & Rabies vaccination.

He got an "A" from me & from the vet except for he is to loose 1lb. The little tub has managed to tip the scale at 10lbs 6oz! (which I suppose is the fault of his humans technically) He'll always be a big Chi but my jaw nearly dropped when they told me his weight - me, being in denial thought he was still at 9lbs. ;o) It should be an easy fix - we switched their food recently to a grain free food & did not changed the serving size. I'm quite positive all the Chi's have put on some weight because of this since with this grain free food you aren't supposed to feed them as much. So hopefully in a couple months he'll be back to his 9lber self!

Here is the Star of the day - Mr. Mi-mi being as cute as he always is....

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  1. I simply LOVE this pup...he is so handsome.