Sunday, August 16, 2009

GUILTY!! Been enjoying the summer time...

**EXCUSE THE PHOTOS - they were taken from my cell so are not as good quality as my regular pics :o)**

Wow, just when I didn't think I could slack anymore. Both June & July we had constant rain - the summer finally arrived in August & I mean full blast as far as sun & heat goes! I didn't mean to neglect my Chi blog but we've been super busy with outside activities not to mention I've been really busy with Senior photo shoots (seems like everyone decides to get them done at once LOL). Excuses excuses excuses. One minute I'll think of something I need to blog about & the next I forget as I'm going onto doing something else. BAD!!

So anyway, I just had to blog about the pups adventures yesterday. They've been keeping inside & cool lately. Matilda has been enjoying some runs to/from our neighbors (AKA Grampa & Nana Jess's **my dad & step moms**) with the girls. Ivy takes the pups out walking when it's cool enough & they love that. But yesterday, since it was scortching out, we decided to take them to my grandfathers house for a dip since he lives on the lake. We knew Maribelle & Maxwell didn't mind the water as we took them one other time this summer. We weren't sure about Milo & Matilda but knew they'd benefit from getting out & getting wet.

Thinking as Ivy & I were piling the kids into the car (Gabby was at a friends birthday party), we have never ever taken ALL 4 Chi's somewhere together! They did very well sitting in the passenger side seat on the ride there which was only about a 10 minute ride. (that would have been a great picture to get LOL) Maxwell laid down as he loves riding, Maribelle stood up with her nose out the window (poor dear gets car sick but I kept giving her sips of water which seemed to do the trick along with the fresh air AND a/c to keep them cool), Milo I always have to keep asking to sit as he tries to stand balancing as we're bouncing down the road & Matilda. Matilda just doesn't like riding & sits there shaking & panting.

So onto the fun part. Maxwell & Maribell of course didn't mind the water. I mean, they don't *LOVE* it (though I can see Maxie is getting a bit more fond of it) but they would swim back & forth as Ivy put them in & walked them up & down the dock. Matilda...lets just say water is NOT her thing. I put her in on her leash holding her & it was complete panic & she nearly tried to bite me! Not wanting her to leave the water with only total panic state. I brought her out, calmed her & slowly put her feet in so she could pattle a bit & she did okay with that though not crazy about it. Milo, he panicked a bit at first but once we got him submerged she splished & spashed but swam pretty well. A little more time & I think he'll do okay with the water. It's just Matilda...she's SUCH a princess I guess. hehe

Anyway, whats a post w/o pictures?? Here are the kids swimming & Matilda ready to go home. LOL

See the other 3 worried we're going to leave them on the dock ALONE? **gasp** ;o)

And after all that, we decided to take Maxwell to the fireworks last night! I was a little unsure of how he'd react to the noises of the fireworks but he did GREAT! We went to a little beach next to the beach were the actual "event" was but there were still people & a few dogs around. Maxwell grumbled under his breath at the dogs but with my corrections was okay but with the people he was awesome. Shyed away from a little boy who tried to pat him but didn't bark at all. Not to mention, he literally watched the first 5 minutes of the fireworks before ignoring them completely. The noise didn't bother him in the least! All & all he made me a very proud mama!

Here are he & Ivy before sunset - one facing the sunset on the beach & the other away so you can see the purdy I like the silhouette.