Friday, January 29, 2010

If you needs me - this is where I will be... the same place I always am. Somewhere under the bankets! So that may be a little fib because I do like to sit on the back of the chair by the big picture window so I can make sure to see what is going on in the neighborhood. But under any kind of blankie is my absolute favorite! When mum leaves her special blankie she got for Christmas on the couch & I can't help but snuggle up in it. Tonight, she even puts a nice big comforter on my big bed by the fire place & eyes been there all night!

You prubly guessed that I am a widdle bit of a lazy dog. And you are right! Mum says I'm lucky to have broffers & sisters to get me moving a little bit once in a while otherwise I may sleep all day every day. I don't understand why that would be a prublem - I sink that sounds berry good! But like we always say, whatever mum says goes.

Here is me cuddling in mums favorite blanket. It's nearly brand new but she's had to wash it all kinds of times because I like to get my fur all over it. My fur doesn't stay in berry well. Mum says I'm the biggest shedder of the bunch. Who needs all that fur anyway....?

Don't I look berry happy & comfy cozy??

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

Mum laughed at this picture of us. She said we had some pretty pistarical expressions on our faces, whatever that means. What can we say? We was tired & trying to sleep & she just wanted to stick that toopid camera in our faces. So we had to give her someting interesting to look at after all...


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pick Pocket

I gots in big trouble tonight when mum & my hooman sisters got home from a basketball game. I had left ebidence that I had picked mums pockets again! See, sometiems she keeps treats in her pants pockets. So I know now there is a chance I can find something yummy in them. What I do is pull the pants off the deck to the big tub in the bathroom where she puts them when taking them off (and forgets or doesn't have time to run them to the hamper). Then I know to stick my nose in those hole things they puts in pants just to hold treats.

I didn't find any treats tonight though but I did find this berry cool plastic thing that made for great chewing! I bets it made my teeth super clean too! But mum didn't think it was such a great idea apparently. She said it (used) to be a berry important thing. She told me I was **gasp** a naughty girl! But then she started to giggle & I knew it was ok.

She thought it would be kinds of funny to take a picture with my new toy. Some kind of debalit card or something. See how sorry I looked? It's a good thing my innocent good looks can make her forgive me in no time.

Byes the way, she knows it was me because I'm the only one smart enough to pick pockets! She also said she has caught me a few times doing it but I don't believe her a bit...

Friday, January 22, 2010

I is almost all growed up!

Welp, I had my Rabies Vaccination a few weeks ago...I gots a big knot in my rump to show for it. But anyways mum said it was time for me to get my very own collar now. So this afternoon she took me & my hooman sisters to The Animal House. Their "stock" was down a bit as they are waiting for new spring designs but mum thought this purty maroon pup designed one really complimented my blue color. I don't see where she thinks my color is really BLUE? But whatever she says goes...

So now the only thing I'm waiting for in order to be a big all growed up pup is my registration tags & mum will be getting all of ours for the new year berry soon. I don't understand how she thinks us widdle pups can carry around such heafy jewels! But she says it is the rules...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My name is Maxwell & I luff frafries!

We had been snowed in for days, mum had even been home for days! Last night she said it was time to get out, even if it was just a ride to get some of that happy meal stuff she splurges on like once every few months or so. She knows I luff riding so when she asked if I wanted to go I spun around in circles & started to whine happily like I always do.

It was a long ride to "town". I ran out of flossie half way there even. Mum was going berry slow & it was berry white outside with falling snowcones or something. She said the road were still yucky from the big storm. Anyway, she talked to that funny talking box before going up to this weird guy. Then it was onto the next really kind person who started throwing yummy smelling bags at her! We had to wait a berry long time for some chicken salads but wouldn't you know that she gave me something BERRY good called a frafrie!! OH. MY. DOG! It was the yummiest thing I'd ever tasted in my long life of 2 years! She only gave me a couple because apparently they are hard on my tummy or something. Whatever. I could have eaten the whole entire bag! She made me promise not to tell my broffers & sisters but there was no hiding it when I got home. They could immediately smell it on my breath. Oh well, maybe they should start begging to go for car rides like me. But they are not that smart....

See, here is me on my car ride on the way home.

And here is me eating one of my new favorite foods! **DROOL**

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's just the way I roll....

Mum tells me no matter what - I always make a statement when I sleep. What can I say? I have to make sure they noticed when I'm awake AND alseep! After all these good looks of mine should never go unnoticed if you know what I means!

Mum says I look so much like a regular ole dog in this picture. But hey, the heat from the cabinet thingy was blowing right on me. I was berry comfy!!

She is Sinkin' Spring!

My hooman sister, Ivy, was apparently feeling a little like spring time yesterday because she made me try on all kinds of my outie-fits. Once she found the perfect one she got herself looking berry cute too & even coordinated with my dress a little bit! I thought it was fun...until she put this toopid headband on me. I don't know why these hoomans sink those headbands are cute because they totally make my dainty face all smoothy like an Ewok!

Anyway, here is the picture mum just had to take. She said we looked berry sweet together.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meet my "Dad"

I'd like to introduce my baby I call dad. He is the only hooman that I call my own. I luff my mum but she is my boss. I am however, daddys boss. It was so warm out yesterday (45 degrees. In January. In Maine!) so mum & my dad took me & Marley for a nice quiet walk. I luff when I can take my dad out for a walk which isn't often (mum says I need to take him more often). Usually it is mum & Ivy who take us Chi's out walking so it was a big treat for me to be the head of my own little pack! Here is a photo of me walking my dad. Isn't he a good follower?

Now here is my offical introduction of my dad. See me as I sit on him & claim him as my own? Then I show you how I taught him just how to throw the ball when I want to play fetch...or just when I feel like having him throw the ball for no reason and then I look at the ball he had thrown just to let him know I saw & approve of his good throwing. He is a berry good learner. Oh & isn't it funny how dad thowed that ball right at mums camera? He is such a good boy...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peer Pressure

Mum always says I have funny ears. I think they are quite special. They fit my personality just fine because they are "lazy" just like me. I tooks me this long - long enough for all my broffers & sisters to blug first- for me to wake up from a nap so I could blug! I love to sleep after all.

Anyway, my broffer Marley told me last week it was New Ears day. When I was a young pup at maybe 5 months old my ears got a little perky for a couple days. They were still very floppy-ish but they were pretty stick up-y before they decided to go sideways. It's more comfortable for me after all. But anyway, after hearing this news a few days ago I decided that my perkiest of all ear should be a little perkier. Can you even bileeb that even though I am an old man at 2 years old I can make that thing go up! Mum thought that was a down right riot.

What can I say, that thing called peer pressure got to me. My broffer Marleys ears have been going up so I wanted to join in on the excitment...though I am sure my ear will get so heafy I'll have to let it get sideways again. But for now I quite like having one perky-ish ear!

What do you puppies think?

And what do you think of my broffers ears? This is what he looked like this morning. From one boy pup to another, I think he has quite a pawsome look.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I hates the Oil Man!

Every time I hears those annoying back up "beeping" noises I have to go run & hide...I swear someone is coming to kill me!! Today when that sceery oil man came I ran to find mum & hopped in her lap so she would save me. She took me out by the big window so I could SEE that toopid man! I don't know why she did that - she always does. But at least I know I am safe with her otherwise I don't sink I'd go find her every time I know he's coming.

Anyway, you can see how afraid I am in this bideo. Mum moved around so much you can't see me shake as much as I really was. But you sort of get the idea that I do NOT like when any truck comes into my territory beeping like that!! Oh except for the school bus. I know every day at 3 when I heard that annoying beeping it means a good thing - my hooman sisters are home!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Ears!

I heard this morning mum say something about "happy new ears day" and I know how completely crazy she is about WaWa ears so then I thought it would be time for me to perk up my ears. I mean, she has done some pretty toopid things to my ears to "help" them along but I sink it just made them flop more. BOL But since it is "happy new ears day" I made them go up...just a widdle bit. I will work more on them another day I bileeb. Can you even bileeb she would make a holiday just for my ears dough? I guess I gots to keep my mum happy specially since she has a pack of eleven & twelve year old hoomans coming over for one of my sisters birthdays taday.

So Happy New Ears blugger puppies & mums!

See me? A little more perky but still a ways to go I sink!