Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peer Pressure

Mum always says I have funny ears. I think they are quite special. They fit my personality just fine because they are "lazy" just like me. I tooks me this long - long enough for all my broffers & sisters to blug first- for me to wake up from a nap so I could blug! I love to sleep after all.

Anyway, my broffer Marley told me last week it was New Ears day. When I was a young pup at maybe 5 months old my ears got a little perky for a couple days. They were still very floppy-ish but they were pretty stick up-y before they decided to go sideways. It's more comfortable for me after all. But anyway, after hearing this news a few days ago I decided that my perkiest of all ear should be a little perkier. Can you even bileeb that even though I am an old man at 2 years old I can make that thing go up! Mum thought that was a down right riot.

What can I say, that thing called peer pressure got to me. My broffer Marleys ears have been going up so I wanted to join in on the excitment...though I am sure my ear will get so heafy I'll have to let it get sideways again. But for now I quite like having one perky-ish ear!

What do you puppies think?

And what do you think of my broffers ears? This is what he looked like this morning. From one boy pup to another, I think he has quite a pawsome look.


  1. Oh Milo, you are my very favorite out of your whole pack...I love your ears, they are just perfect and I do recall seeing an outside picture recently, where both of your ears were up just like Matildas...I think you were outside in the cold. Love you lots sweet fella,
    Dracos Mom.

  2. Milo, floppy ears rule!!

    From one floppy eared brother to another, Chewy

  3. Sanks guys! I do agree that floppy ears rock. My ears go all over the place - it depends on the day & my mood I guess. Sometimes they are super flop & sometimes they are perky but "wavey" as mum calls it where the burr (Mum sinks that is the right term) is folded. They are never perky for days at a time though which is why I finds this is such a big deal!

    Dracos Mom, I do know what piccie you are talking about some perkies but if you look closely you will still see that "wave". But sanks - you are one berry sweet hooman!

    Chewy you know it!!!!!! We rock with our floppies. There are a few rockin' floppy eared Chis in our neighborhood. Bentley has been my ear idol for a long time & you too!

  4. Milo's one floppy ear is great!

    Wouldn't change a thing!


    Ian & Tucker

  5. Milo, you have very unique and beautiful ears, we love both you are Marley and your special ears!
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

  6. We think you both have adorable ears!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  7. Dear sweet Milo. You KNOW how much your Auntie Tiff loves you! I love your ears. They are much like my sweet Bentley boy's ears. I do have a certain fondness for floppy ears but I also love erect ears like my Lexi's too. You are one handsome fella. Kisses from me and the Munchkins!