Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Ears!

I heard this morning mum say something about "happy new ears day" and I know how completely crazy she is about WaWa ears so then I thought it would be time for me to perk up my ears. I mean, she has done some pretty toopid things to my ears to "help" them along but I sink it just made them flop more. BOL But since it is "happy new ears day" I made them go up...just a widdle bit. I will work more on them another day I bileeb. Can you even bileeb she would make a holiday just for my ears dough? I guess I gots to keep my mum happy specially since she has a pack of eleven & twelve year old hoomans coming over for one of my sisters birthdays taday.

So Happy New Ears blugger puppies & mums!

See me? A little more perky but still a ways to go I sink!


  1. Ah he still has the blue eyes :) Scout is losing hers quickly. Gorgeous boy with nice perky ears!

    PS: How do you upload such big pics on your blog? When I try to, it shrinks EVERYTHING down and it looks small and well, crappy.

  2. That is the cutest photo ever! Happy New Year Mchis! Y'all are all precious. Best wishes for 2010. :)

  3. Sam, is Scouts getting more "golden"? I can't remember when Matilda's started getting the more golden color. Marley's is still on the blue side but definitely has lost the "vibrant" blue.

    And about the size of the photos...I changed a setting on the blog forever ago. If you go to "edit HTML" in the layout section. It's the header have to adjust the width. See if THIS link helps you out in the process! :o)

  4. Nearly there Marley!
    Hope the Happy New Ears holiday helps a lot.
    Also for your humans, a Happy New Year.
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget Elliot and Lynne xx

  5. That is one gorgeous picture of Marley! Happy New Ears to you all as well :D