Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Iz been busy!

In more ways den one! Dis is ma new boyfriend. He came & stayed with us for a little while before he went back to "the breeder" which is where I came from before mum got me when I was a baby.

Anyway, mum says I might become a mama myself around January 10th. I've been waiting for ebber to become a mama! My boys at home do da job but somefin about not having the right "quipment" or something made it so they can't make babies. I still luff them though!

Here is me & my new boyfriend Jessie James the day he went home after our "visit"... Mum & the breeder lady (who I am named after btw but she spells her name Mary with a "Y") are really excited to see what our babies will look like. I sink they will be nothing short of perfect of course.... We are thinking they *should* be all long coated like me & Jessie. But you nebber know with Chi Chi's.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Favorite Snack!

Dehydrated Bunny Ears!!

Nom nom nom...

Day is wheely cwunchy!

Hold on tight!


Dis is intense!

Day da best!

Yup, it's oppicial...day our new pavorite tweets!!

Happy Birthday Maya & Mari & Belated Birthday to Marley!

Wez still been slacking her in the MChi house...at least as far as blogger land goes. We still keep on facebooking regularly so if you want click on the link above & add us! :o)

Marleys birthday wasn't forgotten--we did "celebrate" back on September 8th. Here he is on his big first birthday:

And Maya & Maribelle had their second birthday just yeserday, October 12th! My two gorgeous sisters...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Slackin' Away

We'z been slacking lots dis summer. But itz not been da lazy dayz of summer. Mum has actually been berry busy with workin' a bit extra dayz plus ozer sings datz been going on. Us pups have been pretty good & been being kept buzy by our hooman sisters. Day seem to has forgotten about school or someting because dat Ivy hasn't given us a break not for one whole day!

See, on dis day she totally drested me up & putz me on dis spiney sing a bunch of times so I could keep seeing how good I looked in different outfits....

Den she makes all of us Chi Chi's necklaces that we'z just gotz to "model"....

See dem all??....

And she hads dis big party type of sing & she embarrassed poor broffer Maxie by sticking him in dis PINK colored bag in fronts of everyone....

She eben had all kinds of kids over & madez us deal wiff dem.... (mum is paranoid so she blurds out eberybodys faces excepts her childs)

DEN she eben made us all gets married!!!

Me & my *rolling eyes* "hoosband" (don't I look imprested)....

Butts I did have some "down" time keeping cool on da floor....

Playing wis da offer Chi Chi's....

By myself....

....and wis my obber hooman sister dat isn't so bossy....

Or when Ivy (AND me) is worn out by her activities....

And I can always count on mum as she always leabs time for checkings her emails and dat is da time dat we all pile up & weelax....

Anywayz dat is our summer in a nutshell. We is all excited for da fall when dose hooman sisters finally remember to go back to dat school place. Maybe when they do remember in 2 weeks we can be back here with you blugger folks all da time!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New goodies for us!

Oh no!! Mum was so excited about getting dis package in the mail today. I don't know whats the big whoop was because right immediately dose crazy girls gots us all dressed up in deez sings that smelled like other dogs! What da heck - it was like 90 degrees out today & they put us in sweaters, sweatshits & jackets!! It's a good sing mum had that cold air blowy thing going or else we would have melted or something.

But our good buddies & blugger friend (and Marleys litter mate sister too!) Sam & her Chihuahuas Peanut & Scout send deez really nice sings! As much as we thought it was silly we did like all da goodies. Mum was very happy & thankful dose people were so kind to send deez goodies! She is so excited to be able to use them come the fall because in Maine it gets berry berry cold - day will come in berry handy!!

Here we all are showing off our new sings...

Day didn't send dat toopid "hat" Marley is wearing. Dat is sanks to his newt turd proceedure. He is doing much better but the "hat" keeps him from licking or something & it helps him be more dosile. BOL!

Iz made a friend!

Mum says I am becoming a friendly dog! When I first came to this new home I wasn't happy when strangers came over. Well, I would warily sniff the new person but then I'd bark at them like I was gonna bite them! Kids & old people made me especially nervous which mum says it's probably because I wasn't used to seeing them. Anywayz I has done a lot better & I'm learning that house guests are NICE! Can you beleeb it?!

Dis one woman broughts her little big kid over three times this week & the past couple of times I sat next to her so she could pat me. I eben rolled over on my back for a tummy rub the other day. Today I stood by the table so she could pat me for a long time & then she picks me up! I watched her to make sure she wasn't going to eat me but then I realized she just wanted to keep on giving me loves. She held me like a widdle baby & rubbed my tummy again. Mum thought it would be a good time for treats & that was the end of that. Mum then thought it was a toopid idea afterwards since she interupted my "socialization". I luffed the treats though & hoovered dem up!

Here I am enjoying my new friend! Mum says this is a horrible cellaphone picture but you get the idea anywayz.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Maya & More

Going through my 2008 photo CD I came across a pic that I never knew would mean so much! If you ask our breeder she'll tell you how photo obsessed I am (like you all couldn't figure that out haha) & how much I love all the pics I can get of my pups during their puppyhood. I'm sad we don't have photos from Maya's time with her first "forever mommy" but what we do have is a few photos from the breeder I'd saved, some photos I took during our visits AND a video first staring "Heidi/Hyde" (Maya's name prior to us getting her). So at least we are not empty handed. :o)

Finding this pic made me smile though - Maya at 6 1/2wks.

Forgive me if I've shared these pics before...just thought I'd share the trip down memory lane with you bloggers. ;o)

Maribelle & Maya in the background snuggling & their two brothers in the foreground

One of their first "real" meals I believe. :o) Their brothers were much chunkier than they! hehe

And finally a video of our visit at 6 1/2 weeks. Awww....

Longcoat Chocolate Chihuahua Puppy Maribelle at 6 1/2 Weeks

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