Friday, October 30, 2009

The Faces that They Make... we see a resemblance? LOL

Yes, I do think mine are cuter...but they do resemble a laughing hyena. I think anyway.... ;o)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where did Milo go??

This has actually been a common occurrence lately. We'll notice Milo is nowhere to be found. Usually my pups hang around the living room, sunroom or sometimes will venture upstairs to play (as they are doing right now). When they're upstairs however, you know they are because they're romping around playing. The first few times Milo went missing we frantically went looking for him but now we know what he's up to when he's amongst the missing. If you know Milo this probably won't come as a big surprise....

Again this afternoon I found myself with that question - where did Milo go? I grabbed my camera this time knowing very well where he was. In BED! No matter how neatly I make my bed he finds a way under the covers. Which he knows he's not supposed to be doing. When I see that "lump" under there & call to him or say "get outta bed" he won't budge. Surely he thinks he's invisible. hehe

Anyway, here is Milo in his favorite spot.


"Oops, I've been caught!"

"Okay okay, I'm moving...."

"Napping makes me so hungry!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

This blog is more about me than my pups though this is my what, third? effort in trying to get myself into blogging regularly about my pack of wonderful Chihuahuas? I have just made my blog my home page so there is no more excuses of "forgetting" to blog. **crossing fingers**

So yes, my guilty pleasure is nothing other than- my Chi's! They make me happy, they're here to keep me company when nobody else is, they're literally a "crutch" when I go out in public (which I HATE doing but enjoy it more when I have a little friend with me - I consider them some what like a therapy dog in that way LOL) and most of all it's the one animal, one species, one breed that both my husband & I share the same fondness for. Considering I love animals and well, he doesn't - I feel Chi's were meant to be apart of our family and always will be.

I know those who have multiple dogs (of any breed) encounter the same mentality from people we do in thinking just how "crazy" we are for having so many dogs. I figure: of course we're crazy, but that doesn't mean we're wrong! And quite frankly I'm a bit tired of being judged in that way. After all, they're OUR dogs, they live at OUR house, we feed & vet them with OUR money. Soooo, what's the problem??

Now that I got that off my chest - the reason this is so fresh on my mind is our 5th Chi will be arriving at our house this coming Monday evening. I knew I'd like another eventually but no way were we planning on one so very soon. Our impending addition happened to be just the right color, with just the right markings, just the right sex and from just the right breeder (where we got our other 4 pups). When something is so perfect, you just can't turn away. :o)

Anyway, last evening we recieved the last installment of photographs of our newest addition, before meeting him in person. He may look a bit familiar where he has the same color/markings as our Matilda but we expect him to be a bit smaller.

Introducting....Marley! (at 7 weeks old)