Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where did Milo go??

This has actually been a common occurrence lately. We'll notice Milo is nowhere to be found. Usually my pups hang around the living room, sunroom or sometimes will venture upstairs to play (as they are doing right now). When they're upstairs however, you know they are because they're romping around playing. The first few times Milo went missing we frantically went looking for him but now we know what he's up to when he's amongst the missing. If you know Milo this probably won't come as a big surprise....

Again this afternoon I found myself with that question - where did Milo go? I grabbed my camera this time knowing very well where he was. In BED! No matter how neatly I make my bed he finds a way under the covers. Which he knows he's not supposed to be doing. When I see that "lump" under there & call to him or say "get outta bed" he won't budge. Surely he thinks he's invisible. hehe

Anyway, here is Milo in his favorite spot.


"Oops, I've been caught!"

"Okay okay, I'm moving...."

"Napping makes me so hungry!"


  1. Brilliant photos, that second one really says it all! Chi's are such fiends for warmth of any kind, very ingenuous, discovering the warmest place is under your bedcovers, lol. He's such a gorgeous boy.

  2. I am so in love with this sweet face. I swear if I am ever in your neck of the woods I am coming to dog-nap him from you! That picture of him sleeping is just too sweet. I think it is sweet that he likes to spend some time in bed during the day surrounded by Mom & Dad's smells. And I must say that bed does look super comfy!

  3. how cute is that! When we have the question of where is Cappy...if he's not at the Dads, then he is usually curled up in his kennel! Must be the pink bone-shaped cushion I put in there...he loves it! I'll take Milo whenever you want to give him up! He can curl up in my bed anytime LOL

  4. Funny Milo!! Those pictures really made me giggle! If Chewy had access to our bedroom, he would do exactly the same thing as Milo!

  5. Wonderful pictures of Milo...he is the way he is looking at you in the second pic...also he looks like he has lost some poundage...

  6. We love these photos, Milo is absolutely beautiful!

    Our mom takes care of two chihuahuas (Pucho & Cara), you guys are always so much fun! We're looking forward to keep up with your blog.

    Your new admirers
    Nellie & Calvert

  7. It's us again... thought we'd send you this link of Pucho and Cara. Ummm Pucho looks a lot like one of your babies...


    mom to Nellie & Calvert

  8. Thanks everybody! Milo is definitely a character. He loves his food and sleep for sure...they are his 2 favorite things. hehe

    Debra, as of last week Milo peeked at 11lbs. PIGGY!!! We've started crating him while he's eating because he sneaks & grabs a huge mouth full of the other pups food the second we turn out backs. So in theory he should be loosing now but I haven't weighed him this week at all so I'm not sure. LOL He does need to loose a couple lbs. He doesn't look that over weight but he definitely has some rolls. ;o)

  9. Pucho does look a bit like my Maxwell - what gorgeous babies!!

    Thanks for checking out our blog btw...!!