Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Iz been busy!

In more ways den one! Dis is ma new boyfriend. He came & stayed with us for a little while before he went back to "the breeder" which is where I came from before mum got me when I was a baby.

Anyway, mum says I might become a mama myself around January 10th. I've been waiting for ebber to become a mama! My boys at home do da job but somefin about not having the right "quipment" or something made it so they can't make babies. I still luff them though!

Here is me & my new boyfriend Jessie James the day he went home after our "visit"... Mum & the breeder lady (who I am named after btw but she spells her name Mary with a "Y") are really excited to see what our babies will look like. I sink they will be nothing short of perfect of course.... We are thinking they *should* be all long coated like me & Jessie. But you nebber know with Chi Chi's.