Friday, February 26, 2010

We gotz a new RAW diet & itz nummy!

For some strange reason mum started feeding us some raw food. She said we would luff it and it would be berry good for us, especially our toofers! We will be talking about this prubly a lot just so mumz can have a "journal" & keep track of how we are doing on our new diet. She wants to make sure we are getting enough food and stay healthy!

So our first day for our new diet was Wednesday. She forgot to feed us breakfast! Geez mum! But her, dad & Ivy went for a ride and came home with some nummy smelling things. We were berry curious what was in those boxes on the table...

So then she spend lots of time by the sink & it started smelling SO good! Finally, she took us down into our room & gave us something she wasn't sure we'd like. But she was crazy because it was the nummiest thing we'd ever eaten! CHICKEN NECKS!! She watches us berry carefully, specially Matilda & Milo since they like to inhale their food. Matilda was doing a berry good job chewing but Milo went a little fast so mum turned to hold onto his neck. Five seconds later (no kidding!), my hooman sister Ivy said pointed out to mum that Matilda whole neck was GONE! She had swallowed the whole thing! OMD mum said she was such a naughty girl. She has been OK but now mum holds onto her food so she can crunch properly. At least until she learns to chew. Mum said she had read that many kibble fed dogs never learn how to chew....

Maxwell, Marley & I are berry good at chewing berry well. I takes the longest but mum said that is ok. I have the smallest mouth after all. Anywayz, here are some pictures of us enjoying our new food. Mum said we will get these necks for 2 weeks & then she will add in something else berry nummy (and not so messy). It's called ground beef & organz! Sounds good I sink!

This is our feeding place until it gets warm outside when we can eat outside in our play area.

Marley was keeping an eye out on big brudder - he was getting a little nosey since he had already finished his food.

Milo: "Dis is boring! We have to watch dem eat. I sink we should have equal eating time & not equal(ish) food!" Matilda: "I just wantz to pay fetch wiff my faborite toy now!"

"Nyum, nyum, nyum......"

"Crunch, crunch, crunch....."

"Dis is MY bonez! Aint it cool!?"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We goes walkin

We has been on a few walks this past week - when my hoomans weren't sick anyway. That old tummy bug has reappeared & hits my offer hooman sister yesterday...mum says it's just a matter of time before she & dad find it. So about our walks - it's been a little bit on the warmer side though I hear this week we're getting more of that icky white stuff. We has met some dogs on the way & mum realizes Marley really needs some socialization. She said something about living in town when the warmer weather gets here so he gets used to other dogs. I don't know why he likes to bark at them. I think they are perfect long as they stay in their own side of the road & keep their noses out of my space of course.

We are berry lucky to live in a pretty place. Just 1/2 mile walk (doh we can see the harbor from my house & walk to the water across the stree - but it's much more fun at the landing I sink) & there we are. It smells berry yummy down there like fish & stuff. Mum said something about lobstermen & things & how that's those noisey butts we hear very first thing in the morning grumbling outside before wake-up.

Here we are on a little rest before heading back to home on our walk. Oh someting berry exciting mum says. We will be starting a new diet this week so we will be back to tell you bluggers all about it. I can't wait to see what it is - I luff food & mum said it is something berry bery special!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hiking Day & Some Cheerleading!

So it's been another crazy week (and a half). Not only did my mums & hooman sisters finish up with of those girls gots the tummy bug this past weekend & mum has a sinus infunction. These hoomans say it's been a berry bad season for "bugs" but I haven't seen any crawling around so I don't know what they're talking about.

Anyways, today mum & my skin sisters were talking about hiking in the woods. It was 40 degrees or something & sunny & I thought that sounded like a good idea so I begged & begged my berry best & they finally said I could come. I walked a bit until we hit the snow & then mum said it would be too cold on my tootsies so she stuffed me in that jacket thing of hers. It was pretty warm in there & I had a great time while they went walking in the woods looking at seme prints in the snow. Then when we got back by the house we stayed outside & swung on the swing FEBAWARY!! It was pretty nice & I stayed nice & toasty in mums jacket.

Here are a couple picturegraphs mum tooks with her cellaphone. She looks funny in her bucket hat but she said it was warm so not to tease her too much about it...

Now here is something I promised from before. Mum did berry well I guess & didn't faint during this competition thing for my oldest hooman sister. They got thirds place but mum said they did VERY well since our school only begins cheerleading in the 6th grade (which is what my sister is in) but the 2 schools that got placed 1st & 2nd starts cheerleading in 1st grade!! Those girls were berry berry good but it made sense when mum learned they'd been cheerleading their whole lives basically. So she was then berry berry proud of these 6-8th grade girls for doing so berry well with their routine. Whats do you all sink??

My sister is announced last in the introductions - she is the little girl on the left middle *looking at the bideo & "going up"* in the first set of stunts & on the left side of the screen *going up in the airs* in the third stunts they do. SEE!! You can see here right down there in the preview on the left way up high in the air WHOA! Anyway, if you would like to see feel free to watch it mum says...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Baff Day

First of all mum wanted us to appologize for being so absent lately. Both of our hooman sisters had pneumonia a week and a half ago & since we's been crazy busy running around for mums neices cheerleading competitions AND our oldest hooman sister has been getting ready for the bussline cheerleading competition that is this Thursday so she's had practice just about every day for the past 2 weeks it seems! We all all berry excited about that though since it is her first year cheering (mum cheered 100 years ago when she was in school & our hooman sisters cousin has been a star "flyer" in cheering since she was in gradeschool *she is now a senior*). Maybe we will share a little bideo of the competition if mum doesn't faint when they hit the mat first. We will see!

Anyway, we wanted to tell all our blugger friends about our day yesterday. Mum has been talking about "baff day" for a week now but we's got out of it because she was all out of our favorite Tropiclean shampoo. She was just going to take the girls shopping but I couldn't let her leave w/o ME so eyes gots to go too. So she tooks us down to the waterfront in town first to get a little sniffies in - as you can see my sister Matilda gets berry nervous riding. She never pants except in the car.... Here we are checking everybody out. And see my silly hooman sister laughing at mum looking like an idiot taking pics of her CAR? Toopid mum.

It was quite chilly out so we only went for a berry quick walk with my hooman sisters...

Then we went to our favorite doggy store The Animal House for some shampoo. Mum left me in the car so I could watch the door to see when they came out - I guess that is a berry important job! They even gots some beef knee caps to munch on for us. We luff those things! Can't you see how excited we were about them?

And then it was time for our **gasp** baffs!!

Then Milo had a berry much needed brushing with the Furminator. He's a berry hairy short coat Chihuahua and this tool helps get lots of the loose hairs out...

That's about it for our busy Sundee. I hopes there isn't too many pictures. Sometimes mum goes a bit nutso with her camera ya know.