Friday, February 26, 2010

We gotz a new RAW diet & itz nummy!

For some strange reason mum started feeding us some raw food. She said we would luff it and it would be berry good for us, especially our toofers! We will be talking about this prubly a lot just so mumz can have a "journal" & keep track of how we are doing on our new diet. She wants to make sure we are getting enough food and stay healthy!

So our first day for our new diet was Wednesday. She forgot to feed us breakfast! Geez mum! But her, dad & Ivy went for a ride and came home with some nummy smelling things. We were berry curious what was in those boxes on the table...

So then she spend lots of time by the sink & it started smelling SO good! Finally, she took us down into our room & gave us something she wasn't sure we'd like. But she was crazy because it was the nummiest thing we'd ever eaten! CHICKEN NECKS!! She watches us berry carefully, specially Matilda & Milo since they like to inhale their food. Matilda was doing a berry good job chewing but Milo went a little fast so mum turned to hold onto his neck. Five seconds later (no kidding!), my hooman sister Ivy said pointed out to mum that Matilda whole neck was GONE! She had swallowed the whole thing! OMD mum said she was such a naughty girl. She has been OK but now mum holds onto her food so she can crunch properly. At least until she learns to chew. Mum said she had read that many kibble fed dogs never learn how to chew....

Maxwell, Marley & I are berry good at chewing berry well. I takes the longest but mum said that is ok. I have the smallest mouth after all. Anywayz, here are some pictures of us enjoying our new food. Mum said we will get these necks for 2 weeks & then she will add in something else berry nummy (and not so messy). It's called ground beef & organz! Sounds good I sink!

This is our feeding place until it gets warm outside when we can eat outside in our play area.

Marley was keeping an eye out on big brudder - he was getting a little nosey since he had already finished his food.

Milo: "Dis is boring! We have to watch dem eat. I sink we should have equal eating time & not equal(ish) food!" Matilda: "I just wantz to pay fetch wiff my faborite toy now!"

"Nyum, nyum, nyum......"

"Crunch, crunch, crunch....."

"Dis is MY bonez! Aint it cool!?"


  1. Hi gang!

    We are so very sorry that we haven't visited lately, mom's been sick and is finally getting back to "NORMAL". She's obviously delusional, there is nothing normal about her!

    We love your new design AND you have SISTERS! How fun!!! they must play with you all the time.

    We're liking this raw food thing... we're going to keep extra close attention to your posts as mom was thinking of doing the same with us but still researching the do's and dont's of the diet.

    Belly rubs to all of you...


  2. I've been so curious about the raw diet. I hope it works out and look forward to hearing how your precious chis adapt to it.

    Lovely photos, btw. :)

  3. That raw diet looks nummy. Let us know how it goes!

  4. Nellie & Calvert, our family has been a widdle under the weather the past several weeks too. We's been slacking when it comes to blugging & visiting our blugger friends! And for that we are sorry to everyone. We is hopefully gonnna get back into full swing of things long as everybody stays healthy!

    We are excited there are some friends here interested in our cool new diet. Mum has been doing a lot of reading & talking to her Florida friend (who has been doing raw for probably 9 months now). She has been a big help to our mummy! Because mummy has been very worried about getting quantity & qualities right. But she says now she knows the important thing is variety in our diets. Of course, she says we have to take it slow in introducing new foods to us because you know how that can go **as we run to the doggy door to potty*. BOL Actually, we haven't experienced any of those annoying runny poopoos yet so that is pawesome!

    The only bad thing so far is we alls has lost a couple oz so mum is keeping an eye on our weights - especially widdle Marley since he lost the most in only a couple days. So we alls gots some extra nummies today including some pork chop & ham scraps! That made is berry berry happy. We will keeps you all posted on our new diet!

  5. Oh my gosh guys....everyone loves the raw diet!

  6. Mom said she has been thinking of switching me to this new diet too. I have hair loss issues and it has gotten considerably worse lately.....I have bald patches on my sides :o( Mom thinks switching to raw might help because she thinks it is food allergy related. Pawsonally, I don't care about my furs as long as I get to eat and turkey necks sound way better than that hard crunchy stuff I get!

  7. Woof! Woof! RAW Diet ??? You sure enjoying it. YUMMY! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Yummmmmy, Looks like it is delicious!! Please keep us posted!!!

    Licks from me!