Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 6 of RAW.....

We are still really enjoying our new diet! Mum says that I am doing MUCH better with my crunching. Today she even cut up my chicken neck into 1"-1 1/2" pieces & gave it to me in my bowl & I crunched every single one of them pieces like a champ all by myself! Milo is still being hand fed but is doing a bit better with the inhaling of food. Mum says she can't wait until the next "phase" of our diet so she can just give us ground beef & give her fingers a rest. BOL Doh she said she ordered some ground chicken that should be here tomorrow so she can give us a try of that. It's the entire chicken bonez and all in one meal! But her fingies needz a rest because today she gots 2 owies because Milo & Marley (who is having troubles crunching the bonez because his mollars are berry wiggly & hurts him - so mum holdz it for him after a while so he can really tug at that stuff) accidentally bit 2 of mums fingies! The bowees were berry sorry & didn't mean to bite mum...doze fingies just gots in the way & they thought it was just more chicken!

Mum has been weighing us every morning too. She is trying to get our food quantities right so we don't eat too much or too little. There are so many of us & we all require different amounts of food (because of our different metabolisms, size & ages) - it is going to take a while for her to figure how much is right for us all. Marley is requiring a lot more than she initially thought he would have to eat & he ended up loosing lots of weight in just 2 days. She felt berry sorry about that. It is berry weird because he ate the same amount of kibble as Maxie & Maribelle and was growing ok but feeding the same amount of raw food as Maxie & Maribelle isn't near enough for him. She has doubled his food intake & he is finally putting some ounces back on. Poor sing...mum wondered why he looked so "ribby" after such a short time - he's a growing boy I guess and just needs lots of dat chicken! He is berry lucky - we all would lub to eat more of that stuff.... Well, I am lucky too because I get more than everyone else except Marley because I have a berry high metabolic rate, whatever that is, which is why mum says I always want to play fetch and have lots of energy.

Anywayz, we thought you blugger friends may like to watch us compin' on our chicken necks. If dis sort of thing grosses you out we will understand if you skip dis bideo. There is lots of crunching on here... Especially me because I was so good at it dis time! It's much more fun crunching than swallowing dat entire neck whole...and not so hard to swallow! BOL


  1. They are all so well behaved! Looks like the raw diet is working well so far. I admire you for doing this. I wish I was brave enough to try.

  2. oh boy....excuse me while I go feel sorry for the dead chickens. grins - Erin


  3. Wow, you are all really getting through your chicken necks! We had to put our paws over Mum's eyes - she is a vegetarian, disgusting!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  4. Glad to see they are doing better with the chewing! Mari & Maxi seem to be doing quite well with it. Have you noticed a change in coat quality/energy levels or anything of that nature? Are you going to possibly incorporate fish ever or is that a no no for the raw diet (I don't know much about raw I haven't read up on it). I know that wolves do occasionally switch to salmon when other food supplies dwindle so just a thought (I'm really anal about omega-3's and 6's I think because of my skin problems). Keep me posted as you notice changes in your dogs health, behavior, etc. on this diet!

  5. LOL Erin, the way I look at it is those chickens were killed for human consumption anyway so we're just putting the "extra's" to good use so they're not just thrown away. :oP

    Dip, Bridge & Elliot - we Chi's feel berry sorry for your mum not eating any yummy meat. But our mums says she envys your mum for being brave enough for being dat healfy. She'd luff to try but knows she not succeed - she's too weak. BOL

    Sam, I've noticed a couple small things so far...nothing major. Marleys skin (which has always been a bit flaky) seems a bit less dry. All the pups seem to be a bit more loving to me...almost like a "thank you"! LOL I mean, they were all loving before but I think because I'm a bit more involved with their feeding time (holding the "inhalers" meal plus I sit with them so I can closely supervise, plus I kind of have to "shoe away" those who get done first & would love nothing more to go steal someone elses dinner LOL)... So I'm definitely more involved that way which may up their respect (for the lack of a better word) me that much more. is food of the "highest quality" & they do recognize that.

    Yesterday Milo was a bit more energetic than usual. If you remember...he's always been quite lazy. So we'll see if it was just an active day for him or if it's a new normal for him. I'd love to see him get a bit more energetic!

    Also...most whole fish is GREAT for them!! Any sort of carcus from what I've read is ok. But my brother is a big fisher in the summer (and winter actually) & hunter come deer hunting season so I plan to talk with him about maybe providing us with some fish & deer pieces. I'm also going to order the occassional rabbit, goat & maybe some other things. You've got to start slow though with every new meat so we're not rushing things.

    The book I read suggest adding in a small amount of table scraps as well so this morning I pureed up a bit of cube steak, green beans & a TINY bit of potatoes from our dinner last night & the pups loved it. I'm especially trying to get Marley to eat a bit more because while hes putting on a bit more weight from his initial loss...he's still looking too thin to me. So I gave him a little extra of the mixture.

    Anyway, I will absolutely keep you posted! :o)