Saturday, March 6, 2010

A new "friend"? (if thats what you want to call it)

I wondered why mum ran to get my collar & leash today when our Papa pulled in. Mum ran me outside & I heard this awful noise in his truck yapping away. Then before I knew it mum put this black fluffy ball on the ground next to me & we started walking down the driveway. What was she thinking?! At least when we started walking she stopped making that awful noise...

"You want me to WHAT?! I don't sink so...."

"Ok, but this is as close as eyes gonna get."

When we gots back inside I grumbled at her a little bit & she started making that noise again - it hurts da ears I tells ya! Then Mari went in for a sniff...I wondered why nobody else was barking.

Den mum told me she stayed with her & the other pups lasts year for a few weeks & dey all liked her!!?? And she broke the news...she may be staying here for another few weeks dis spring. Oh NO! Please tell me mum you can control that sing! After that I papa is here & I luff him!! We all luff our papa...

Mum says that it is obvious now that I is scared of other dogs. But the good news is she also sinks that with even just a little more socialization (whateber that means) I will be ok! She said she knows a few peoples that have smaller dogs she wants to "set me up with" on playdates. Dat should be berry fun...NOT.

P.S. Mum wanted to show a better picture of Lacey from last summer since her cellaphone pix stink berry much. She is a Pomeranian...


  1. Is she a Pom or Papillion mix?

  2. Lacey is a Pomeranian. I will add a better pic of her from last summer...she is a cutie & the pics certainly don't do justice (darn cell phone pix!).

  3. Awww Marley! Scout is lacking self confidence around other dogs, but it's usually only a problem with a few dogs (at dog parks when 5 rush her when she gets in she kind of spazzes out but then calms down). Well Marley, hopefully your new little buddy stays a week so you can get used to her. Does he bark or growl at all Heather or does he just try to run away? Well Scout wishes her brother luck with this new friend! He's gotta work at his skills with the lady pups :)

  4. A Pom! You'll teach her to behave and be nice, don't even worry.

  5. Marley basically just tried to run away from Lacey. Or should I say run & try to jump up in my arms. LOL Once we got inside he let out a couple grumbles & barked at her but running away or hiding behind me at the same time. LOL So yes...I think he just lacks the self confidence like Scout. :o) It's totally my fault though because I haven't socialized him with other dogs as much as I should. Can't wait until spring...I want to start my dog walking group back up!!

  6. hmmmm, maybe she'd need my sista Coco to discipline her????

    i have an award for my new friends

  7. Ahhh, little Lacey the sonic ear piercer is gorgeous. Have a great time with her and don't forget your earplugs, bol!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  8. Oh, she is so cute!! We definitely believe in the more the merrier!! It's great to make new friends!

    Woofs and Kisses!