Friday, March 5, 2010

Filming Friday

So mum has been berry lazy about saving & uploading her bideos. So dis afternoon we madez her sit down & doos it & we gots lots of bideo sharing for you bluggers...if you have several minutes to spare! Please escuse the confusion of our living room - mum & dad are moving rooms around & gonna starts redoing doze old floors so it's pretty messy round here!

Dis one our hooman sister Ivy harnessed Matilda up & hads her play pony. Poor Matilda but she didn't seem to mind it so much...

I can't member if we shared the bideo last month of Marley & me fighting over the heat vent? Well, if we did dis is a follow up to show that Marley is beating me nows. He's gots the upper paw & I don't understand it! Last month I was big & pushed him out of the way! Geez!

Dis one shows how much daddy loves Matilda & how much Matilda loves daddy. Mum says nothing makes daddy laugh quite like Matilda! Dey are so silly...

Dis is the longest one. Mary-bell has never been berry good at fetch but was really having fun with it today. Mum says maybe it's because of our new diet? Or maybe just a coincidence. Speaking of new diets - I have been having lots of energy the past few days which makes mum happy. Makes me feel better too not laying around ALL the time...though I do still lay around a lot.

And dis one mum tooks today of us being berry lazy. We tooks over the couch (mum hates having her cushions squished but we don't care!) - don't we look comfy!?

I hopes you enjoyed our Film Friday!


  1. Aw, so sweet. I loved the one of Matilda scratching your husband's hoodie!

  2. I loved these videos! Chihuahuas are so very special aren't they! They are sun bathers, warmth and love sponges.

  3. great movies...Marley and Milo pushing each other for the heat vent is my favorite as well as all of them lined up on the back of the couch...can't wait for more

  4. Heather you are so right! The relationship between Matilda and your hubby is almost EXACTLY what my bf and Peanut share. Kudos to Marley for figuring out the path to beating his big brother involves sneaking underneath the enemy! It's so nice how all your pups get along so wonderfully. Scout tries to cozy up to P (just like your little dog pile in the last video) but P always grumbles and bares her teeth :( Maybe one day they'll be as accepting as all yours seem to be (hey, I can dream).

  5. Marley has figured out how to get around Milo for sure...he's pretty clever. ;o) And yes, by the sounds I thought P & your bf's so cute I think!

    As far as our pups getting along...they do love eachother & snuggle with one another great. And I'm sure Peanut & Scout can & will get to that point! You do have to correct Peanut when she grumbles though otherwise she'll keep at it if it's doing what she wants it to do. Marley has done the growling thing before, even when we first got him! I'll never forget he actually really went after Milo at just 8 weeks old. LOL But I just corrected it every time by rolling him on his back gently & placing Milo (or whoever he was growling at) sort of on top of him until he stopped growling. Once in a while he'll need a reminder correction but typically he's great now. He does tend to be dominant (you can see in the group one he got right up when Matilda came over) but not in a terrible way. However, he began to mark a bit so we're working on getting him to realize he's a bit TOO dominant. So far so good - the marking has decreased significantly but it's something we'll have to keep an eye on anyway & make sure we don't let him get away with any sort of dominant behavior...even just the smallest! Anyway...keep working with P & she & Scout will be snuggle buddies before you know it! :o)

  6. I love watching the videos of your gorgeous chis. That one of them by the heat vent is priceless, trust a chihuahua to find out where any source of heat is coming from! Don't they look contented sitting by the window on the cushions, ahh perfect!
    Is your calendar For the Love of Chihuahuas?
    We have one called that and the chihuahua for March is a white long hair chihuahua, I said to Pete, that's what Elliot will look like in a few more months.
    Lynne xx

  7. Wow, fantastic videos!! The heat vent fight was hilarious- Dobby loves the heat vent, too, so I can only imagine what it's like with more than one chihuahua in the house. And I loved seeing Matilda with daddy! Dobby loves to get inside hoodies too- to snuggle- we call it "the pouch."

    And goodness... that last video of the five of them on the couch is just priceless. Too cute!!!

    <3 S and D