Friday, March 12, 2010

On the Menu Today....

Hi, it's me - Marley!

I iz a blog hog lately! But I had to blug about this exciting newz! Finally - some red meat! Well, mum fed us some of this nummy red meat last week too but she is just finally getting her bum in gere to take some pictures of it! Our first day of beef went berry well...for most of us anyway. Mary-bell pooked three timez after she ate her red meat. It was icky, though I would have eaten it if nobody was wookin'. Mum tried 2 other times to give Mary-bell red meat...she tried mixing a little bit with some ground chicken & she pooked. She tried giving her a tiny piece of a different kind of red meat...and she pooked. So it's not more red meat for Mary-bell!

That is okay, Mary-bell is happy with chicken necks & whole ground chicken (wiff the bone & organz in it) for the moment until mum can get maybe some rabbitz or something.

Anyway, us other puppies have been enjoying some ground beef & organz, ribs AND today we gots some beef pieces (that mum cut up small for us) with a little whole ground chicken in it too. We still have been munchin' on some chicken necks too. Mum sinks next time she will get the LARGE ribs for us because she is so afraid we are gonna try to swallow dem small cut up ribs whole. Some of us pups aren't too smart like that. She said something about dis being a "learning process" for all of us.

Some more good newz - Milo has lost some weight which we has been trying to accomplish for a whole year! He is now 9.6lbs (down from 10.8lbs a few months ago). Mary-bell & Maxwell have also lost a few oz which is great because mum thinks they were getting a little "chunky" too. They are both around 5 1/2lbs but Maxie is a few more ounces than Mary-bell. I iz almost as big as those two...only a few more ounces to go & I will be caught up with dem!

So dats the newz for today. Dis is our meal today (dough I will be getting a chicken neck later too since I needz more food where I iz a growing bowee & all). Lucky me!


  1. Oh are lucky. My mom wants to try some of the chicken necks...I eat the raw meats but have a pretty hard time with the bones. I like the red meats too....I still eat some kibbles for now, so mom is not to worried about not having bones just yet. When the bag runs out though....bones and liver will be coming to our house.

  2. I'm sorry sister pooked but glad you like your food.

  3. Oh Marley, I am always happy to see you in my blog reader. Sounds like the raw diet is a big success at your house!

  4. Pssst....It's Little Honey over at the Robinson house. Do you think your Mom could talk my Mom into giving us some of those raw chicken necks? I love raw hamburger......

  5. Great dinners! Dobby loooooves all kinds of meat. It's great to see you all do too!

    <3 S and D

  6. Mmmm!!! That sure sounds like a great dinner! What time should we be there today?

    Woofs and Kisses!