Monday, April 26, 2010

Cellaphone Snaps

Mum is forever pointing her PHONE at us at random times & we didn't know why. We thought maybe she had really lost her marbles or something. But it seems she's been stalking us when we weren't even expecting it & taking pictures again! Without even paying us with treats!! Next time I catch her with that thing I'm going to not even open my eyeballs.


Here is that foolish boy Marley. As we have said before he always has to make a statement when he's sleeping. We're not sure what statement he was trying to make here???

Seriously...what is WRONG with that boy?!

What followers they are - they should be more independant like me!

Mum, Marley & Maya at Dollar Tree while our hooman sisters were buying some fun things. I sink mum was 1/2 asleep in this photo-graph...

Maya & Marley & hooman sister Ivy walking in town.

On the way home - Maya is such a goodie two shoes. She is ALWAYS kissing up with a "cute head tilt" as mum says. Whatever.

Me & my newest sister running around in the front lawn. She is really good about staying close to mum, like me!

Down at the dock....

Dats it for now blugger friends!

Ivy & Me

Sorry we are a bit behinds in posts - it's been SO busy here with our houseguest! Mum thought about buying stocks in Bounty & Natures Miracle since our guest likes to "mark" & I of course likes to "over mark" other Maya still getting use to the doggy door. Thankfully the past few days things have gotten better & mum isn't spending so much time chasing pee pee... Maya is using the doggy door to potty & Lacey is getting better with her marking as am I naturally.

Saturday was a very nice day out & I gots taken out for a nice brushing. I haven't been shedding lately and my skin isn't dry anymores (thanks to our raw diet!) but it seems I am loosing my winter coat because I started to shed quite a bit the past few days. (I didn't tell mum I gobbled a bunch of Laceys corn based kibble which could also cause some of the shedding but what she don't know what hurt her!)

Anyways, after my brushing Ivy took me for a little jog around the yard & then we just chilled on our porch. It was so nice & relaxing - I could have stayed there all weekend!

"whoa dis girl can run!"

"you gots some treats down there I should worry about?"

"nope just dat toopid camera..."

"ok we pose for ONE but neither of us are happy about dat. We just want to chill!"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5...6...7...who's counting?

Mum hasn't even adjusted to having 6 dogs around & already we've got another set of paws pitter pattering around. But before anyone calls in the animal hoarding brigade - SHE IS ONLY TEMPORARY! Our great-grand Papa has gone on vacation for a couple weeks & as some of you may have read about last year you'll know this is an anual thing. So here we's go again...Miss Prissy Lacey is here! Dis dog don't even know what the word PLAY is. Oh. My. Dog! She won't even look at me. Mum says all she does at home is bark & make Papa do whatever she wants. She'll even "yell" at him when she thinks he's been on the telephone too long!

She is berry different here though. Mum says it really isn't ANY different than having us 6 Wawa's here. She is quiet & minds her own business. We sink she's just afraid to move or bring attention to herself afraid we're gonna try to eat her or something. She is such a Priss dough & turns her nose up to just about anything on the menu (as far as kibble goes). But by dog mum thought it would be good to sneak a little chicken neck in here & there over the next couple weeks to try to clean dem toofers up a bit! She didn't think Lacey would have any part of it but to her surprise - she LUBBED it!!! Almost made mum pass out on the floor....

Anyway, mum is working full time keeping track of us pups. She is still trying to train Maya to go outside the doggy door to potty (which she can get in & out the doggy door now pretty good), trying to keep her eye on ME so I don't' "mark" (I's been good today but all these new good smelling girls have really been making it hard to contain myself!), PLUS even dough Lacey is about 4 years old she still likes to sinks he's a bowee & "mark" with dime sized pee spots once in a while. So mums eyes have been berry busy!

So if you hear of us talking about another pupper around here don't get your belly bands in a bunch! She is just a house guest!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We lub chasing balls...

I'm not a big fetch fan but even dis game I had to get in on. Mum & my sisters were rolling the ball around in a circle & I see Maya chasing it like a kitty cat & thought I've been feeling so good since I got to my "goal weight" (lost 1.8lbs - mum is SO happy!) I thought I'd give it a try. It was pretty fun!

PS Mum apologizes for her lack of replies to other bluggers posts. For some reason she's having troubles getting replies to post! Some work - some don't. She will keep trying but she promises she is reading & really wishes she could reply!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Settling In...

Well, Iz been in my new home for just about 3 days now. Mum was a bit worried being an older Chi that it would take a while for me to adjust to new people & new surroundings but I has surprised her! I am getting used to my new routine, new Chi friends, new diet (I LUFF the raw food here!!), new mum & dad & I'm even getting used to those crazy new hooman sisters! I am even getting used to where to potty. This morning mum tooks me & Maxie to drop those kids off at school & when we came home I hads to poo really bad. I started to go on the floor by mum so she'd see me (she didn't get that clue - she didn't even see me!) but I stopped midway & ran down by that funny door that goes outside to the "potty area" where I noticed everyone else goes. Luckily mum saw me standing right in front of it & came down so I could go outside (I haven't figured out how to open that thing yet!) & finish but not before mum stepped in the little gift I left right by her foot. BOL But she & dad were very impressed that I went down by the potty door - I is really a smart girl!

So yes, I am getting used to my new sisters. Yesterday after they got home I gots to snuggle with the littlest one. She has become a good friend of mine! The older one I scared the other day when I got after her when she was getting ready for school so she is a bit nervous with me...which makes me a little nervous sometimes. But this morning when I went in to wake her up with dad I ran up to her & gave her lots of kisses. Once she realizes I won't get after her mum says we will get more comfortable with each other. I'm just waiting for her to not be afraid anymore & then I will be comfy. Mum has some activities for us & told me we needed some "bonding time" whatever that is.

I is also following mum everywhere - I is her little shadow! Which she doesn't mind at all because she luffs me just as much as I luff her but she thinks after I find my place in the pack I won't feel like I need to be with her everywhere she goes. We will see about that though! But all & all mum is VERY happy with how I've settled in & accepted my new surrounding & in such a short period of time...and with being a sensitive Chi! She never has taken in an older Chi before - she has raised all the ones she has from very young. She has heard how sometimes Chi's get very stressed out when they are "rehomed" but not me! I is a tuff & happy girl! And like mum says it will only keep getting better from here.

So here is me with one of my new best friends. The first one is us yesterday morning & the second one is us yesterday afternoon when she wanted to read me a story. I was so comfy.

And here is me & Maxie going for a ride yesterday!

"What is out there Maxie?"

Monday, April 5, 2010

Well Hello! Nice to meet everybodies!

My new mum says that I really should come to introduce myself so here I is! I was a very unexpected Easter "pressie/addition" for the MChi crew & their family. It's a very long story but the short version is MChi's Mary-bell is my littermate/sister!! My new mum almost gots me instead of Mary-bell when we were babies but new mum says it was meant to be that we both ended up here in our forever home together. I miss my other mum but I am very happy she was able to find me a good home with lots of company & people around to keep me busy!

My other mum called me Hyde (Heidi) which my new family thinks is a great name but they didn't want me to be the "odd ball" being the only one with out an "M" name. Since I technically is daddy's girl he got to make the final decision but he is a smart man & picked a name that mum really liked AND put his sissy's middle name for the lastpart of my name! So my new name is Maya Marie. I am already starting to know my new name & come running when new mum calls it.

I am not familiar with children so this new house is taking some getting used to. It was very quiet today when those 2 girls weren't here but when they came home I yelled at them for being in my new house. Mum said that this has been there house for a very long time so I stopped yelling at them. Besides, before I could even think they both took me for a walk which was fun. But when we got home I was very unsure about them & let them know about it. Mum says we have some work to do but she is sure I will "come around" with the girls. Especially since next week they will be here ALL week long on vacation. OH NO!! I hope they is nice girls...if they are maybe I will start to like them. They do give me the tastiest treats after all...

The crazy other Chihuahua's have been very good to me. I had a good first meeting with the other 2 girls Mary-bell & Matilda. We went for a nice walk in the dark when I first got home. When those weird girls brought the boys out it was a mishap & they ended up meeting me head on which they hate. So they barked at me for a minute before mum sent them inside. When they came out again, she took their leashes & walked us together. They were much nicer that time. Then I got to go hand out in daddy's lap & meet all the Chi's one at a time in the office. Today has been a busy day & I am getting to learn all the ropes here. I am testing my boudaries a little bit but mum is making sure to be strict & let me know when I'm being a bit of a diva (like *I* am a diva!!). But she says it will make more peace at the house so I guess I better listen to her!

Here are a couple pictures of me. Don't you all think I is beauty-ful?

My & my sister! I am a little bit taller than she is but she is heavier than me. BOL

This is Marley showboating. He "dances" with me to tell me his is the MAN of the house. I just don't see it!

And mum called ME a diva?? Look at that girls face!!

And here is a video of my first outside play time with my new Chi family!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Nice Weather has Returned!

It's been a few days of cold & rain so we was very happy to see the sunshine again today! Mum gave us some chicken necks to munch outside. I had a rough time of that today. I've finally started to chew my bonez a bit better so mum lets me do my things even though I take forebber. Anyway, the last bite I got a little too proud & swallowed a piece too big. It went down...but got stuck. I swallowed & screamed and gagged & screamed. Mum lifted my back legs up which didn't do much but then she gave me a good whack on the back while I was gaggin' & ups that chunk came! Mum is going to rethink the chicken neck thing & see if she can find some bigger pieces of chicken...

Anyway, after we ate she tooks Mary-bell & me for a nice long walk. We got skeered by a big Golden Retriever that came out of nowhere barking at us & then just after that, that same crazy dog that we alway see rans up to us going mental. Mum had basically stopped to meditate before we got to that house so she could try not to spread the nerves to us. It's hard for her because big jumpy dogs makes her jumpy & that makes US jumpy! Anyway, we barked a little bit at that golden dog but the crazy dog that runs around...we dids really good! And coming back...I only barked once & Mari didn't bark at all when he was out there. Mum was very proud of us since we are 2 of the noisiest once of the pack. I have started to get a "hot shot" attitude mum says. I even barked at this lady that came walking towards us. But when she came over to say "hi" I was happy to see her for a second before looking around to see the world. My eyes are very busy mum a space cadet or something.

So after that, rather than going home like usual, she tooks us down to the docks! There was a chocolate lab that greeted us. I think he had a big crush on Mary-bell since she just came out of heat like yesterday. So he acted like he was her bestest friend. Luckily mum saw him before hand & picked her up because she knew he may be a little obsessed. His dad came & took him away though...after I gaved him a piece of my mind anyway. He needed to understand she was MY girlfriend! GEESH!

So we hung out by the water for a little while. I gots to walk in the water & dig for clam shells while mum yacked on the phone. I had fun though! Mum took some pictures of us 2 on our mini adventure. I can't wait to go back down. And mum said she can't wait to take me to little beach? Whatever that is....we will find out soon!

"Lets go for a walk Mare-Mare..."

"What is doze hoomaz doing ober dare?"

"My Mare-Mare wookin' so beauty-ful"


"Dis picture is for my sister Scout. See? I like da water too!!" ;o)

Raw Update **NOTE FROM MUM**

We said we would keep bloggers updated on the raw diet. I have recently become aware of some major coat changes in all of the pups. Milo & Marley have both been big shedders since day one & now - NO SHEDDING! Marleys always dry skin (despite eating one of the best quality kibble, EVO) - much better! Maribelles long coat is so much more shinier, silkier & softer than ever. Matilda's odd "coarse" stripe down her back...much much less coarse & more soft. ALL five Chi's have a much healthier, shinier coat.

Maxie is experiencing a bit of shedding right now but it is normal for some pups to go through a "detox" when switching to raw & since we're still relatively new it's all a normal reaction. His coat however is much shinier. In time, I have no doubt after seeing the difference in Milo & Marley's coat (I can't stress enough what huge shedders they were) that the shedding with Maxie will be minimized as well.

All the pups are now (happily) eating chicken, beef, beef heart, pork, green tripe (NASTY smelling but they love it & it's so good for them!) & raw eggs. So far, a successful change we're all happy about!

I guess that is it for now...