Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5...6...7...who's counting?

Mum hasn't even adjusted to having 6 dogs around & already we've got another set of paws pitter pattering around. But before anyone calls in the animal hoarding brigade - SHE IS ONLY TEMPORARY! Our great-grand Papa has gone on vacation for a couple weeks & as some of you may have read about last year you'll know this is an anual thing. So here we's go again...Miss Prissy Lacey is here! Dis dog don't even know what the word PLAY is. Oh. My. Dog! She won't even look at me. Mum says all she does at home is bark & make Papa do whatever she wants. She'll even "yell" at him when she thinks he's been on the telephone too long!

She is berry different here though. Mum says it really isn't ANY different than having us 6 Wawa's here. She is quiet & minds her own business. We sink she's just afraid to move or bring attention to herself afraid we're gonna try to eat her or something. She is such a Priss dough & turns her nose up to just about anything on the menu (as far as kibble goes). But by dog mum thought it would be good to sneak a little chicken neck in here & there over the next couple weeks to try to clean dem toofers up a bit! She didn't think Lacey would have any part of it but to her surprise - she LUBBED it!!! Almost made mum pass out on the floor....

Anyway, mum is working full time keeping track of us pups. She is still trying to train Maya to go outside the doggy door to potty (which she can get in & out the doggy door now pretty good), trying to keep her eye on ME so I don't' "mark" (I's been good today but all these new good smelling girls have really been making it hard to contain myself!), PLUS even dough Lacey is about 4 years old she still likes to sinks he's a bowee & "mark" with dime sized pee spots once in a while. So mums eyes have been berry busy!

So if you hear of us talking about another pupper around here don't get your belly bands in a bunch! She is just a house guest!


  1. It would be super fine if you had another furry family member but a visitor is fine too.

    Is she a pom? She looks some like my papillion/chi mix.

  2. Thanks Parsley! I don't really know if I could handle 7 permanently at this point. I guess it may be different if they all were settled before adding in another. :o) But yes, Lacey is a 6.4lb Pom. She had her ears a little sideways in the pic - I think she was a little perturbed with Marley so close behind her. BOL

  3. So Marley is doing better with her now? I think when they first walked together he freaked out a bit, right? I wish I could get people to loan me their dogs so I could work on Scout and Peanut's socializing (takes a decent amount of walking together to get them to be good)! Though I *might* have another set of paws (bigger ones at that) wandering around here soon enough...

  4. Oh yes, after about 5 minutes Marley decided he was in LOVE with her! LOL He tries to get her to play & such but she'll have no part of it. But you are right...the first time they met he was afraid of her when I walked them for 2 minutes & when we brought them inside he just barked & growled a bit. He hasn't seen her since then so I was pleased he warmed up to her so quickly.

    Sooooooo, do tell about the new set of paws you talk about!!?? You can't leave me hanging like that! ;o)

  5. Hey Marley! In addition to the 5 puppers we have who live here, we "dog-sat" for my sister and Mom the other day and we had SEVEN running around here. And you know what? After you have 4 or 5 dogs, a few more really don't make that much difference! hahaha Everybody had a blast for the day too...

  6. You have a real dog pack there Marley, hope you are all being good and not driving your mum mad.
    Lacey is such a pretty little girl, have fun!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  7. Hai little Marley, our momma was are you all potty trained and how well do you do? She is tryin to figgur out the best way to get us all on the same page heh. We are smarter dan her tho!

  8. Hey new old friend! BOL!

    We use a doggy door to go out to potty. The doggy door leads to an enclosed gravel/potty area & it has an attached play yard with lots of grass to pee in! Mum trained us one at a time to go out to potty as she brought us in. All of us was 100% trained before a new one came. BUT since I am a "teenager" I am testing my boundaries with claiming my house as my own, so I have been driving mum nuts lately! I can't help it because of all these pretty ladies around! I want to make sure they know they belong to me!

    She thinks once we get our house back to ourselves I'll behave myself but our houseguest has a very bad habit of marking herself (dime sized piddles here & there - mum says ICK! but I say giddy-up!) so I just follow her lead. At least I don't do it in the middle of the floor like her & keep it on things like dads shoes or my hooman sisters jackets that get left hanging on the kitchen chair but for some reason she doesn't think those are winning spots to pee.

    Anyway, mum says the secret is catching us puppers in the act of pottying in the wrong spot & bringing us to the right spot. Mum says luckily Matilda, Milo, Maribelle & usually Maxie (though sometimes we have literal "pissing contests" on days when mum doesn't see my marks right away) and now Maya are all very good about going outside to potty otherwise she would go crazy trying to keep up. I am good though - I never ever poop in the house - none of us puppers do so mum says thank god for small miracles!

    But I admit I have been keeping mum on her toes since these 2 new ladies have come into my house because she has to watch 3, well now 2 since Maya has learned the pottying ropes, of us constantly at the same time & she says she doesn't have enough eyeballs that go in different directions to do that. So she is pretty excited about having her pack of 6 back so she can start really "cracking down on me" whatever that means.

    That is the story of our potty habits. If it wasn't for my marking she'd be very pleased. She has threatened to get me newt turd but I don't know if I likes that idea! I don't know what it is but it sounds nasty!

    Good luck with you puppers. Mum says she hopes you all will get on the right page quick!

  9. Random question but is Maya spayed or intact? I thought Mari was the only one really capable of driving Marley wild lol but I don't remember you specifying if Maya was actually spayed. It's kind of awesome that you have a pack. I wish I had the finances to support a mini wolf-pack. Unfortunately I'll have to be content with my two! Oh about the other potential dog that I forgot to elaborate on, she's a 40 lb english springer spaniel that is used as a breeder at the animal colony I work at (we look at genetic disorders in dogs/cats and try to find therapies to treat them). She is about 2 1/2 years old and I've always had an attachment for her and they might be releasing her for adoption soon (could be 6 months could be a year and 6 months so I'm not sure of the timing). I don't want to jump into it yet since I'm just getting into the hang of my two and vet school starts up in September. Once I realize I can handle vet school (or that I can't haha) I'll decided what I'm going to do.

  10. Sam, Maya is intact...for the time being anyway. :o)

    Awww, that springer sounds like a sweet heart. How awesome that you may be able to give her a forever home! I hope it gives you enough time to make sure you can handle 3 of them & vet school. Your work sounds so interesting btw! I'd love to work at some place like that.... Neat!

  11. i bet she's great to snuggle with on the cold nights!

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco The Pricness

  12. Oh my, you guys really have to share mom's time, that must be so difficult... we couldn't do it... we'd suffer from petting withrawals. Not a good look for us.


    Pees: The house guest sure is purrty