Monday, April 26, 2010

Cellaphone Snaps

Mum is forever pointing her PHONE at us at random times & we didn't know why. We thought maybe she had really lost her marbles or something. But it seems she's been stalking us when we weren't even expecting it & taking pictures again! Without even paying us with treats!! Next time I catch her with that thing I'm going to not even open my eyeballs.


Here is that foolish boy Marley. As we have said before he always has to make a statement when he's sleeping. We're not sure what statement he was trying to make here???

Seriously...what is WRONG with that boy?!

What followers they are - they should be more independant like me!

Mum, Marley & Maya at Dollar Tree while our hooman sisters were buying some fun things. I sink mum was 1/2 asleep in this photo-graph...

Maya & Marley & hooman sister Ivy walking in town.

On the way home - Maya is such a goodie two shoes. She is ALWAYS kissing up with a "cute head tilt" as mum says. Whatever.

Me & my newest sister running around in the front lawn. She is really good about staying close to mum, like me!

Down at the dock....

Dats it for now blugger friends!


  1. Love all of your pictures, especially the last one! The pack is wonderful!

  2. Hahaha, I like the picture whether Maya and Marley are in the care. Marley looks like Yoda!

  3. Ahahaha, he does! Totally has the Yoda look. ;o)

  4. Is that your Dad? Poor guy, there is hardly any room for him. Maybe there is a picnic table he could sit at.

  5. Great pictures!! Marley is like the family clown isn't he? Always goofing off. His car pic is hilarious...does he get nauseous in the car? He has the same facial expression as me when I get on roller coasters haha. By the looks of it, Maya is now completely integrated into your pack which is great! PS I'm so jealous of that little dock you have by your house. I soooo want to live by some body of water. I'm just sick of being stuck in a city!

  6. Marley is such a clown & yes, he tends to get a little nauseous but I think that ride was the first longer ride he went on & didn't get car sick. LOL

    Maya is doing wonderful! She uses the doggy door to potty & all. She seems so happy & is definitely adjusting well to our pack lifestyle & routine. She does tend to pick fights with the others on occasion or gets grumpy if she's sleeping & someone tries to snuggle up with her. Since she grew up w/o other dogs around all the time, I suspect it will take a while for her to totally get used to all the "interuptions" & make her get she's not the top dog. LOL She often will "challenge" the other pups which I know it what starts the squabbles. I correct it every time because while it hasn't ever gotten "nasty", I don't ever want it to! She takes to my corrections as if to say "oops I forgot" & rolls right onto her back. So I'm glad she doesn't challenge me if you kwim. :o)

    It is nice being by a body of water but the city has it's perks too I'm sure! Plus you did just visit that GORGEOUS beach so you can't be too too far away. :o)

  7. Those are great photos, I love the one of them all lined up on the chair with hubby!