Thursday, April 1, 2010

Raw Update **NOTE FROM MUM**

We said we would keep bloggers updated on the raw diet. I have recently become aware of some major coat changes in all of the pups. Milo & Marley have both been big shedders since day one & now - NO SHEDDING! Marleys always dry skin (despite eating one of the best quality kibble, EVO) - much better! Maribelles long coat is so much more shinier, silkier & softer than ever. Matilda's odd "coarse" stripe down her back...much much less coarse & more soft. ALL five Chi's have a much healthier, shinier coat.

Maxie is experiencing a bit of shedding right now but it is normal for some pups to go through a "detox" when switching to raw & since we're still relatively new it's all a normal reaction. His coat however is much shinier. In time, I have no doubt after seeing the difference in Milo & Marley's coat (I can't stress enough what huge shedders they were) that the shedding with Maxie will be minimized as well.

All the pups are now (happily) eating chicken, beef, beef heart, pork, green tripe (NASTY smelling but they love it & it's so good for them!) & raw eggs. So far, a successful change we're all happy about!

I guess that is it for now...


  1. oooo! I've been thinking on and off about going "raw" still have some qualms about it, but am leaning more and more toward it all the time!

  2. Erin, I'm so happy you've been looking into raw a bit. All I can say is do your research. There are many negative things out there about it & most of them are false! It does seem very confusing in the beginning because you hear pets need 80% meat, 10% bone & 10% organ (half of the orgran needing to be liver) in their but honestly - it's not that difficult...and it can be done over time & does NOT need to be exact! Compare it to human diets...we just try to do our best in including a variety of things in our diet. I am personally taking it that same way. Add some whole carcus in & some organ now & again & you've got it made. :o)

    If you want more info on it I have a website & book I can give you the link to with some great info. All it took for my "light bulb" moment is being asked to look at a dogs teeth. They scream carnivore! It's what they were built to consume and I'm loving all these typical "problems" of my previously kibble fed dogs disappear in front of my eyes - it's amazing to me.

    Let me end by saying - I do NOT judge people on if they choose to feed kibble. I only promote the raw diet as to what I experience. I just don't want folks to think I'm a judgemental person because I'm not. I only suggest to people to research any feeding regimine or brand of food before going for it & pick what they think is best for their dog based on their own research. Anyway, off my soapbox! ;o) Thanks for reading!