Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Settling In...

Well, Iz been in my new home for just about 3 days now. Mum was a bit worried being an older Chi that it would take a while for me to adjust to new people & new surroundings but I has surprised her! I am getting used to my new routine, new Chi friends, new diet (I LUFF the raw food here!!), new mum & dad & I'm even getting used to those crazy new hooman sisters! I am even getting used to where to potty. This morning mum tooks me & Maxie to drop those kids off at school & when we came home I hads to poo really bad. I started to go on the floor by mum so she'd see me (she didn't get that clue - she didn't even see me!) but I stopped midway & ran down by that funny door that goes outside to the "potty area" where I noticed everyone else goes. Luckily mum saw me standing right in front of it & came down so I could go outside (I haven't figured out how to open that thing yet!) & finish but not before mum stepped in the little gift I left right by her foot. BOL But she & dad were very impressed that I went down by the potty door - I is really a smart girl!

So yes, I am getting used to my new sisters. Yesterday after they got home I gots to snuggle with the littlest one. She has become a good friend of mine! The older one I scared the other day when I got after her when she was getting ready for school so she is a bit nervous with me...which makes me a little nervous sometimes. But this morning when I went in to wake her up with dad I ran up to her & gave her lots of kisses. Once she realizes I won't get after her mum says we will get more comfortable with each other. I'm just waiting for her to not be afraid anymore & then I will be comfy. Mum has some activities for us & told me we needed some "bonding time" whatever that is.

I is also following mum everywhere - I is her little shadow! Which she doesn't mind at all because she luffs me just as much as I luff her but she thinks after I find my place in the pack I won't feel like I need to be with her everywhere she goes. We will see about that though! But all & all mum is VERY happy with how I've settled in & accepted my new surrounding & in such a short period of time...and with being a sensitive Chi! She never has taken in an older Chi before - she has raised all the ones she has from very young. She has heard how sometimes Chi's get very stressed out when they are "rehomed" but not me! I is a tuff & happy girl! And like mum says it will only keep getting better from here.

So here is me with one of my new best friends. The first one is us yesterday morning & the second one is us yesterday afternoon when she wanted to read me a story. I was so comfy.

And here is me & Maxie going for a ride yesterday!

"What is out there Maxie?"


  1. adopted another Chi? You are my type of people!

  2. Hiya Maya!!! Glad that you are enjoying your new family!! We have a BIG family too! 8 doggie brothers and sisters and 8 kitty brothers and sisters!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  3. She fits like she's always been in your home. Love the "looking out the car window" picture.

  4. There is always room for more Love, right? We have our five woofies and 1 kitty, a parrot and 2 guinea pig girls...And i can't imagine it any other way!.

  5. Sounds like this home will be forever!