Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

On the Menu Today....

Hi, it's me - Marley!

I iz a blog hog lately! But I had to blug about this exciting newz! Finally - some red meat! Well, mum fed us some of this nummy red meat last week too but she is just finally getting her bum in gere to take some pictures of it! Our first day of beef went berry well...for most of us anyway. Mary-bell pooked three timez after she ate her red meat. It was icky, though I would have eaten it if nobody was wookin'. Mum tried 2 other times to give Mary-bell red meat...she tried mixing a little bit with some ground chicken & she pooked. She tried giving her a tiny piece of a different kind of red meat...and she pooked. So it's not more red meat for Mary-bell!

That is okay, Mary-bell is happy with chicken necks & whole ground chicken (wiff the bone & organz in it) for the moment until mum can get maybe some rabbitz or something.

Anyway, us other puppies have been enjoying some ground beef & organz, ribs AND today we gots some beef pieces (that mum cut up small for us) with a little whole ground chicken in it too. We still have been munchin' on some chicken necks too. Mum sinks next time she will get the LARGE ribs for us because she is so afraid we are gonna try to swallow dem small cut up ribs whole. Some of us pups aren't too smart like that. She said something about dis being a "learning process" for all of us.

Some more good newz - Milo has lost some weight which we has been trying to accomplish for a whole year! He is now 9.6lbs (down from 10.8lbs a few months ago). Mary-bell & Maxwell have also lost a few oz which is great because mum thinks they were getting a little "chunky" too. They are both around 5 1/2lbs but Maxie is a few more ounces than Mary-bell. I iz almost as big as those two...only a few more ounces to go & I will be caught up with dem!

So dats the newz for today. Dis is our meal today (dough I will be getting a chicken neck later too since I needz more food where I iz a growing bowee & all). Lucky me!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A new "friend"? (if thats what you want to call it)

I wondered why mum ran to get my collar & leash today when our Papa pulled in. Mum ran me outside & I heard this awful noise in his truck yapping away. Then before I knew it mum put this black fluffy ball on the ground next to me & we started walking down the driveway. What was she thinking?! At least when we started walking she stopped making that awful noise...

"You want me to WHAT?! I don't sink so...."

"Ok, but this is as close as eyes gonna get."

When we gots back inside I grumbled at her a little bit & she started making that noise again - it hurts da ears I tells ya! Then Mari went in for a sniff...I wondered why nobody else was barking.

Den mum told me she stayed with her & the other pups lasts year for a few weeks & dey all liked her!!?? And she broke the news...she may be staying here for another few weeks dis spring. Oh NO! Please tell me mum you can control that sing! After that I papa is here & I luff him!! We all luff our papa...

Mum says that it is obvious now that I is scared of other dogs. But the good news is she also sinks that with even just a little more socialization (whateber that means) I will be ok! She said she knows a few peoples that have smaller dogs she wants to "set me up with" on playdates. Dat should be berry fun...NOT.

P.S. Mum wanted to show a better picture of Lacey from last summer since her cellaphone pix stink berry much. She is a Pomeranian...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Filming Friday

So mum has been berry lazy about saving & uploading her bideos. So dis afternoon we madez her sit down & doos it & we gots lots of bideo sharing for you bluggers...if you have several minutes to spare! Please escuse the confusion of our living room - mum & dad are moving rooms around & gonna starts redoing doze old floors so it's pretty messy round here!

Dis one our hooman sister Ivy harnessed Matilda up & hads her play pony. Poor Matilda but she didn't seem to mind it so much...

I can't member if we shared the bideo last month of Marley & me fighting over the heat vent? Well, if we did dis is a follow up to show that Marley is beating me nows. He's gots the upper paw & I don't understand it! Last month I was big & pushed him out of the way! Geez!

Dis one shows how much daddy loves Matilda & how much Matilda loves daddy. Mum says nothing makes daddy laugh quite like Matilda! Dey are so silly...

Dis is the longest one. Mary-bell has never been berry good at fetch but was really having fun with it today. Mum says maybe it's because of our new diet? Or maybe just a coincidence. Speaking of new diets - I have been having lots of energy the past few days which makes mum happy. Makes me feel better too not laying around ALL the time...though I do still lay around a lot.

And dis one mum tooks today of us being berry lazy. We tooks over the couch (mum hates having her cushions squished but we don't care!) - don't we look comfy!?

I hopes you enjoyed our Film Friday!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dis is a different wooking Chihuahua!

Iz been smellin someting a bit different for the past couple days. Den mum tooks me upstairs to my oldest sisters room & shut the door. She puts this weird looking Chihuahua on the bed & I wasn't so sure what to think of it. It didn't smell likes a Chihuahua...I must do some investigating to see why it is so different. And see why my hoomans keep it locked in a cage!

I was berry leary of this thing. I would try to sniff it but it would move quickly so I jumped away. But I was berry curious & kept going back for another look. I am just not sure about dis sing!

What do you guys sink? Is dis a short coat TEACUP Chihuahua? Mum says there are no "teacup" anysings...but I dunno...I sink dis one could fit into a teacup...

"What is zat sing u putting on da bed?"

"What da...???"


Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 6 of RAW.....

We are still really enjoying our new diet! Mum says that I am doing MUCH better with my crunching. Today she even cut up my chicken neck into 1"-1 1/2" pieces & gave it to me in my bowl & I crunched every single one of them pieces like a champ all by myself! Milo is still being hand fed but is doing a bit better with the inhaling of food. Mum says she can't wait until the next "phase" of our diet so she can just give us ground beef & give her fingers a rest. BOL Doh she said she ordered some ground chicken that should be here tomorrow so she can give us a try of that. It's the entire chicken bonez and all in one meal! But her fingies needz a rest because today she gots 2 owies because Milo & Marley (who is having troubles crunching the bonez because his mollars are berry wiggly & hurts him - so mum holdz it for him after a while so he can really tug at that stuff) accidentally bit 2 of mums fingies! The bowees were berry sorry & didn't mean to bite mum...doze fingies just gots in the way & they thought it was just more chicken!

Mum has been weighing us every morning too. She is trying to get our food quantities right so we don't eat too much or too little. There are so many of us & we all require different amounts of food (because of our different metabolisms, size & ages) - it is going to take a while for her to figure how much is right for us all. Marley is requiring a lot more than she initially thought he would have to eat & he ended up loosing lots of weight in just 2 days. She felt berry sorry about that. It is berry weird because he ate the same amount of kibble as Maxie & Maribelle and was growing ok but feeding the same amount of raw food as Maxie & Maribelle isn't near enough for him. She has doubled his food intake & he is finally putting some ounces back on. Poor sing...mum wondered why he looked so "ribby" after such a short time - he's a growing boy I guess and just needs lots of dat chicken! He is berry lucky - we all would lub to eat more of that stuff.... Well, I am lucky too because I get more than everyone else except Marley because I have a berry high metabolic rate, whatever that is, which is why mum says I always want to play fetch and have lots of energy.

Anywayz, we thought you blugger friends may like to watch us compin' on our chicken necks. If dis sort of thing grosses you out we will understand if you skip dis bideo. There is lots of crunching on here... Especially me because I was so good at it dis time! It's much more fun crunching than swallowing dat entire neck whole...and not so hard to swallow! BOL