Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Baff Day

First of all mum wanted us to appologize for being so absent lately. Both of our hooman sisters had pneumonia a week and a half ago & since we's been crazy busy running around for mums neices cheerleading competitions AND our oldest hooman sister has been getting ready for the bussline cheerleading competition that is this Thursday so she's had practice just about every day for the past 2 weeks it seems! We all all berry excited about that though since it is her first year cheering (mum cheered 100 years ago when she was in school & our hooman sisters cousin has been a star "flyer" in cheering since she was in gradeschool *she is now a senior*). Maybe we will share a little bideo of the competition if mum doesn't faint when they hit the mat first. We will see!

Anyway, we wanted to tell all our blugger friends about our day yesterday. Mum has been talking about "baff day" for a week now but we's got out of it because she was all out of our favorite Tropiclean shampoo. She was just going to take the girls shopping but I couldn't let her leave w/o ME so eyes gots to go too. So she tooks us down to the waterfront in town first to get a little sniffies in - as you can see my sister Matilda gets berry nervous riding. She never pants except in the car.... Here we are checking everybody out. And see my silly hooman sister laughing at mum looking like an idiot taking pics of her CAR? Toopid mum.

It was quite chilly out so we only went for a berry quick walk with my hooman sisters...

Then we went to our favorite doggy store The Animal House for some shampoo. Mum left me in the car so I could watch the door to see when they came out - I guess that is a berry important job! They even gots some beef knee caps to munch on for us. We luff those things! Can't you see how excited we were about them?

And then it was time for our **gasp** baffs!!

Then Milo had a berry much needed brushing with the Furminator. He's a berry hairy short coat Chihuahua and this tool helps get lots of the loose hairs out...

That's about it for our busy Sundee. I hopes there isn't too many pictures. Sometimes mum goes a bit nutso with her camera ya know.


  1. Precious photos. I've been threatening my chis with baths for a few weeks now. It's just a tad too cold here right now. Izzy especially is so frail with so little fur, she wouldn't warm up until July. :/

  2. Never to many pictures Maxie...I loved them all.
    Your big brother Milo sure is patient with the furminator, I bet he is glad when it is all over though. Draco missed his overdue bath and toenail clipping yesterday because of the football game and he was soooooo happy.

  3. You had a very busy day. Hope your human sisters are feeling much better now and Mum is not so frazzled, it must have been very worrying for her.
    Milo looks like he is saying "watch what you're doing with that thing, Lady!"
    Those are great pics, you little adorables!
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx
    ps, aghhh, the dreaded bath, Mum is putting ours off for a while in case we turn into an icecube

  4. Wow you all were such good fur-kids! and you all looked so well behaved for your bafs! My mommy uses the furminator on me and i'm ok with it until she gets to my tail and then i totally freak out! Are any of you wired about having your tail brushed too?

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,
    Coco The Princess

  5. Wonderful Pictures!! No baths here sadly in a long time..It is very hard to get Olive to bathe sometimes.. :( She likes to roll in mud though..oy!

    Have a great week..I have not been around much..been a hectic week it Friday yet??

    Olive's Mom--Stephanie

    Licks from Olive too :)

  6. You all look so very cute munching your treats, and getting your *gasp!* bafs!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  7. We had bath day on the first. We don't mind it so much and it looks like you guys don't really mind it too much either. It looks like a good day out with the hoomans! It's always nice to get out of the house, isn't it?

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  8. I love seeing all the pictures! It looks like you all had a big day, with car rides, cow knees, and bathies :)

    <3 S and D