Thursday, July 8, 2010

Iz made a friend!

Mum says I am becoming a friendly dog! When I first came to this new home I wasn't happy when strangers came over. Well, I would warily sniff the new person but then I'd bark at them like I was gonna bite them! Kids & old people made me especially nervous which mum says it's probably because I wasn't used to seeing them. Anywayz I has done a lot better & I'm learning that house guests are NICE! Can you beleeb it?!

Dis one woman broughts her little big kid over three times this week & the past couple of times I sat next to her so she could pat me. I eben rolled over on my back for a tummy rub the other day. Today I stood by the table so she could pat me for a long time & then she picks me up! I watched her to make sure she wasn't going to eat me but then I realized she just wanted to keep on giving me loves. She held me like a widdle baby & rubbed my tummy again. Mum thought it would be a good time for treats & that was the end of that. Mum then thought it was a toopid idea afterwards since she interupted my "socialization". I luffed the treats though & hoovered dem up!

Here I am enjoying my new friend! Mum says this is a horrible cellaphone picture but you get the idea anywayz.


  1. Aww...pups can tell when you love them.

    If you get a chance...drop by to see our temporary? addition. Poor Chi was lost or dumped!

  2. What a good girl you are Maya. Isn't it funny, we hate old people and kids too, haha. It must be a chihuahua thing - but some of us aren't willing to get over it, BOL!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx