Friday, January 22, 2010

I is almost all growed up!

Welp, I had my Rabies Vaccination a few weeks ago...I gots a big knot in my rump to show for it. But anyways mum said it was time for me to get my very own collar now. So this afternoon she took me & my hooman sisters to The Animal House. Their "stock" was down a bit as they are waiting for new spring designs but mum thought this purty maroon pup designed one really complimented my blue color. I don't see where she thinks my color is really BLUE? But whatever she says goes...

So now the only thing I'm waiting for in order to be a big all growed up pup is my registration tags & mum will be getting all of ours for the new year berry soon. I don't understand how she thinks us widdle pups can carry around such heafy jewels! But she says it is the rules...


  1. Marley you look very big and grownup with your new tag and more baby pup for you.

  2. Oh Marley, you looks so handsome in your big boy collar and tags!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  3. Aw, Marley. At least it's not the heavy gold gangsta chains we see sometimes. You'll get used to it.

  4. Looks fabulous! Thanks for the link in the post :)

  5. Ews, we hate those big gangsta chains - not comfy for puppers of any size I wouldn't think!

    No problem Dan! Can't wait to see the new collar designs. 2 of my boys have matching collars (we got them at the store last summer I believe) so at least one of them needs a new one. :o) And Marley will be needing his very own sky blue Puppia when the spring rolls around. Right now he's going on hand-me-downs! LOL

  6. Woof! Woof! I can surely relate n I'm a big dog. Anyway, I'm Sugar. Just saying hello n making new blog friends. Looking forward to your visit to my blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Marley, how much does that bling weigh!
    You look like a very grown up boy in your new collar, you handsome devil.
    Sorry about the rabies injection - thank Dog we don't have that over here.
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

  8. Marley, be careful, you may tip over from the weight of that tag, BOL!!!!

    But seriously, you look really cute in that new collar!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  9. Marley, you look so handsome in your new collar! I can't believe how grown up you're looking!