Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meet my "Dad"

I'd like to introduce my baby I call dad. He is the only hooman that I call my own. I luff my mum but she is my boss. I am however, daddys boss. It was so warm out yesterday (45 degrees. In January. In Maine!) so mum & my dad took me & Marley for a nice quiet walk. I luff when I can take my dad out for a walk which isn't often (mum says I need to take him more often). Usually it is mum & Ivy who take us Chi's out walking so it was a big treat for me to be the head of my own little pack! Here is a photo of me walking my dad. Isn't he a good follower?

Now here is my offical introduction of my dad. See me as I sit on him & claim him as my own? Then I show you how I taught him just how to throw the ball when I want to play fetch...or just when I feel like having him throw the ball for no reason and then I look at the ball he had thrown just to let him know I saw & approve of his good throwing. He is a berry good learner. Oh & isn't it funny how dad thowed that ball right at mums camera? He is such a good boy...


  1. Ah she is so cute :D I love how she gives him her toy and then repositions it on his lap as if to say "oh here did you not notice I wanted you to throw this for me?" She reminds me of Peanut and my bf! Like you, I'm the "law" to my dogs...which makes me slightly less fun!

  2. LOL! He is a good follower, but I bet he doesn't see it that way. ;)

  3. That is so true... Dads are just that way I think :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week and give both mum and dad many licks!!

    Tail Wags--

    Olive :)

  4. You have trained your baby very well, good work Matilda. We think you are Dad's favourite - are we right?
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

  5. Dad is funny & tells me all the time that I am his baby but everybody knows that it is the other way around! Mum tries to explain how to be a good "pack leader" but dad just doesn't have it in him...he is too much of a push over. She also tells him how important it is to not "favor" one of us more than the other (whatever mum) but he is smart and always treats me a little more pecial. So yes Dinah, Bridget and Elliot you are right - I is his #1 Chihuahua!