Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I hates the Oil Man!

Every time I hears those annoying back up "beeping" noises I have to go run & hide...I swear someone is coming to kill me!! Today when that sceery oil man came I ran to find mum & hopped in her lap so she would save me. She took me out by the big window so I could SEE that toopid man! I don't know why she did that - she always does. But at least I know I am safe with her otherwise I don't sink I'd go find her every time I know he's coming.

Anyway, you can see how afraid I am in this bideo. Mum moved around so much you can't see me shake as much as I really was. But you sort of get the idea that I do NOT like when any truck comes into my territory beeping like that!! Oh except for the school bus. I know every day at 3 when I heard that annoying beeping it means a good thing - my hooman sisters are home!


  1. Aww poor Matilda! She looks like she's having a little panic attack. Mari looks all calm and collected sitting up there though :D

  2. Poor Malilda, we can see you shaking.
    Bridget says she knows how you feel, that is what she is like when she hears loud bangs or fireworks.
    Hope that nasty oil man doesn't come too often.
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

  3. Poor Matilda!! We hope everything is nice, calm, and quiet for you today!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  4. Sanks for the support fellow Chi bluggers. I used to be berry bad when I heard those annoying beeping noises & run upstairs & hide where nobody could finds me. But since mum started bringing me to the window so I could see that annoying man I run to finds her now so I sink I is getting a little better. That oil man only comes about one time every month or two in the cold white months so I don't get berry much practice but I have gotten a tiny bit more comfy with him if you can bileeb it!

    I hope Bridget doesn't have to listen to those skeery noises too often. I don't really mind fireworks too much from the long distance but last 4th of July some toopid people thought it would be fun to shoot some off in my berry own harbor! I was not berry impressed by those idiots to say the least! I swears they were trying to shoot me so I was trying to hide under mums head while she was trying to take a snooze before she had to work the night!

  5. Oh & Sam, I don't know what is wrong with my broffers & sister. They act like nothing is happening when these things try to hurt us. Sometimes they will bark at the oil man but otherwise they are oblivious to the danger we are in I swear!!

  6. Sorry you are scared of the oil man Matilda, but he does make it so your Mom and Dad can heat up the house. Good thing your mom can save you.
    Stay warm

  7. We hate the GARBAGE man. That truck sends us into hysterics. We feel your pain, man.

  8. Hello! I am Olive :) You are so cute!! I hate the garbage truck makes me bark when mom is working. Mean garbage truck..eats all of my food up too.

    Licks to you from me!!

    Olive :)