Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pick Pocket

I gots in big trouble tonight when mum & my hooman sisters got home from a basketball game. I had left ebidence that I had picked mums pockets again! See, sometiems she keeps treats in her pants pockets. So I know now there is a chance I can find something yummy in them. What I do is pull the pants off the deck to the big tub in the bathroom where she puts them when taking them off (and forgets or doesn't have time to run them to the hamper). Then I know to stick my nose in those hole things they puts in pants just to hold treats.

I didn't find any treats tonight though but I did find this berry cool plastic thing that made for great chewing! I bets it made my teeth super clean too! But mum didn't think it was such a great idea apparently. She said it (used) to be a berry important thing. She told me I was **gasp** a naughty girl! But then she started to giggle & I knew it was ok.

She thought it would be kinds of funny to take a picture with my new toy. Some kind of debalit card or something. See how sorry I looked? It's a good thing my innocent good looks can make her forgive me in no time.

Byes the way, she knows it was me because I'm the only one smart enough to pick pockets! She also said she has caught me a few times doing it but I don't believe her a bit...


  1. uh oh! I was in trouble too this week. Mom took the boy to the doctor and when she got home..I was chewing up a picture frame that was on the fireplace was plastic and she was not very happy :( She said it was not my faut..she should have picked them up before she left...but she forgot.

    Have a great rest of the week!

    Olive :)

  2. bol, you DO look innocent.....dream on as we look alike when we're caught and that look will not fool any hooman, let alone our mumsters!!!!

    have to admit you're dang adorable - that's coming from mumster

  3. Ha ha, you are so funny Matilda - between your brother Max's breaking and entering and your pick pocketing, your Mum is going to have a gang of criminal masterminds on her hands soon.
    What's next, will Mari be forging her own pet passport, will Milo become a cat/dog burgeler...
    This is all going to have a bad effect on the baby, BOL!
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

  4. Hahaha Matilda, nothing tastes better than forbidden plastic...I enjoyed a SD card just the other mom was ticked off though. I picked it out of the work computer in another office. It was red and I wanted it. Now my mom shuts the door :)

  5. OMD, that face! And the evidence right beside her! Precious. :)

  6.'ve got to hide the evidence next time!!

    Chi kisses, Lilibell

  7. We love pockets too! How can she be mad at you, with a face like that!

    Woofs and Kisses!