Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bowees are such a pain!

To you blugger lady pups who have those pain in the tail bowees in your house - you may understand what I am complaining about. I am not in my "special lady time" right now but mum says it should be in another month or something like that. But sometimes these bowees just don't use their right brains! I thought I had it bad when it was just Maxie. Mum says he has been newt turd since he was 7 months old (that's not very nice to say if you ask me but mum is the boss so I just let her say whatever she wants) but he still has those annoying bowee hormones...whatever those are.

Everyone thinks it's cute when Maxie "flirts" with me & I guess they could be a little bit right. I think he would do anything I tell him to do when he's in the "MOOD". But it doesn't ever stop there. Sometimes I have to really tell him off & that doesn't even work most of the time because quite frankly I'll go & lead him back on until he starts again. This is Maxie flirting with me - waiting for me to give him the "OK" or that would ever happen Maxie...

NOW....mum brought his broffer Marley home & she says they both must have their daddies hormones (they have different birth mums but the same daddy) because now they both are in luff with me! See what I mean? This short video is not for the weak of heart (or for puppies or childrens eyes) so please know this will prubly be TMA **too much action** for some.

See what I have to put up with on the nights when the bowees are feeling their kibble?! It's really crazy! But from one lady pup to another - I quite like feeling like I'm all that & a bag of jerky because HULLO - I IS!!


  1. got some naughty boys on your hands! Though that joint effort in the second video is hilarious, I imagine it must be somehwat frustrating to a proper lady like Maribelle :) But I mean she is GORGEOUS so who could blame Maxie or Marley?!?!

  2. Oh my doG, Mum nearly fell off the chair laughing.
    Poor Maribelle, you tell those naughty boys to leave you alone.
    Elliot has to stick to humping his teddy as we would probably bite his head off if he tried it with us. That young man is having a trip to the vet soon but from the looks of Maxie it doesn't make much difference, bol!
    Yours in sympathy Maribelle, Dinah and Bridget xx

  3. Poor Maribelle, you appear to be outnumbered. We all know your heart belongs to Milo.

  4. I tells ya it is berry frustrating. But on the other paw if they stop I go sniffing in places that make dem bowees go crazy apparently! I just like playing hard to get I suppose.

    Drac-y, I do love my Miwo. He knows to leave me alone until the time is "right". But mom says he is newt turd too & that means I can't have babies with him either....

  5. Ahahahaha!!! Too funny. Love your exasperated face there at the end, Mari. Hehehehe!

    <3 S and D