Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Favorite Spot on a Snowy Wednesday


  1. Yep that would be where my dachshunds would find themselves as well. The Goldens on the other hand would in the kitchen panting their heads off. lol

    Just wondering also what type of lens do you use for you photos?

  2. Oh that looks soooo warm and nice. I dont blame the pups for sleeping round it.

  3. Erin, I bet that heat is a bit much for the goldens! LOL For a lens: I almost always use my Canon 35mm 2.0. I have a few different ones but that one is my fav for inside shots. :o)

    Thanks Lynne!! My 9yo daughter was curled up on their bed napping yesterday... LOL It's pretty comfy apparently. ;o)

  4. Exactly where Chewy & Lilibell would be too!!

  5. You guys are lucky. Our mom won't use the fireplace because she doesn't want to clean it later. Our only source of heat is our humans laps, each other, and the many blankets lying around. Stay warm!

  6. Awww, so sweet! Little Marley with the little kids!!

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    Woofs and Kisses!