Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Milo!!

Today is Milo's 2nd birthday. I can't believe my oldest Chi is 2 already. It seems like we just got him yet it seems like he's always been apart of our family. We love this little guy & his funny, "hard to get" attitude that he has toward dad. We love how lazy he is & how he has what we lovingly call a "chunky butt". We love how loving & protective he is of our human kids. We just love him to pieces!!

Milo has been on a "diet" for some time so today we let him splurge a little from his usual EVO kibble. I made up some rice, hamburger, green beans & added a little kibble. He was right in his glory! We gave the other pups a little as well & they were all out of sorts trying to steal from one another & everything. Usually they know to eat from their bowls & their bowls only but tonight they couldn't resist! hehe

Here is my sweet little Milo on his 2nd bithday - just as cute as ever!


  1. Happy birthday, Milo! What a handsome boy you are. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to the most handsome sweet boy in the MChi Pack. I really liked the picture of them all lined up for dinner, you have trained them so well :) I wish I could send Draco to you for a while so he could become more civilized :)

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Milo, hope you have a wonderful day with lots of nummy treats!
    Love the photo of you all having your dinners stood in a line - there has to be at least 4 feet between our lot!
    Birthday kisses, Lynne

  4. Aww happy birthday! Love your photos!!!

  5. I'd take Draco in a heartbeat! ;o) It was quite easy to train them to eat like that - just a bit of routine & they're good. Matilda used to have a bit of food aggression with other dogs but obviously has overcome that. Of course it may be another story if someone stuck their head in her bowl..but I don't know because it hasn't happened. LOL Of course she doesn't have a problem sticking HER head in anothers bowl...whats up with that?!

    Milo says "THANK FOR THE BIRFDAY WISHES!". ;o)

  6. Happy Birthday Milo!!!

    I had the same problem with Chewy's birthday dinner, he finished in record time then ran straight over to Lilibell and Sally's bowls and tried his hardest to steal their food, lol!!