Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not so wordless Wednesday

I feel that I must explain these 2 photos in order for them to have any significance. If you know Matilda or have been following my blog for a while you will know she is a very "flighty" Chi. Despite my extensive socialization, puppy kindergarten class, etc when she was young she has always had an aversion to strangers. She won't attack or bark at them (unless they come into "her" home in which case she will bark as if to alarm us there are "intruders" but quickly quiets) but she will not allow but a couple close family members touch her. Even some people she see's often she will not allow to touch her. She just jumps right away at any sign of them showing interest in her. She will sometimes want to play with people & play "keep away" with a toy or "fetch" with them if they have been here for a while. But still won't let them touch her. It tells me she likes being around people but is just very untrusting of the physical contact.

Anyway, one of my human daughters had a friend over who has never been here before & within an hour Matilda was allowing the friend to pat her! I was so proud of Matilda & had to capture it on "film". hehe


  1. Oh Heather that is wonderful! Way to go Matilda! And of course I couldn't miss Milo sitting so handsomely adorable in that second photo. Oh how that boy has stolen my heart!

  2. Aw, that is so sweet. Our chi was orphaned within a couple days of birth and has only really known humans. She loves us but anyone else she will hide or run away from. It's very frustrating because our other chi does not do that. I'm glad you're making progress!

  3. Well done Matilda, Bridget has a very similar temperament to this, it is not easy going.
    I'm glad she is getting better.