Friday, December 18, 2009

An Unlikely Pair?

I'd like to say my Chi's are kitty friendly. I do think the possibility is there. However, one of our two cats (Flower) has taken it upon herself to hiss & scratch at the Chi's every time they get close to sniff. I think it is a case of jealousy at the highest as far as Flower goes. Flower never had a problem with our big dog - maybe she lets the lack of size of the Chi's get to her head, I don't know.

Her sister, Shoe (yes, that is her name!) is a bit more friendly. She'll allow them to sniff & if the mood strikes her she'll put her head down in hopes of being massaged by the sniffing of the pups. Being as they are sisters & look a LOT alike - I think the pups sometimes get confused with what cat they chase out the doggy door. Yes, they chase them out the doggy door & force the cats up & over the 6' high door...or to squeeze in between the siding of the house & the wall of the enclosure - I haven't quite figured out which yet. Poor Shoe I think takes the blame for Flowers unpleasantness. But if Matilda see's either by "her" potty area she takes it upon herself to chase & SCREAM at them until they leave. It's quite the noise to say the least.

We've been in the single digits the past few days so the cats, who normally spend 99% of their time outside, have been hanging out inside. Today Shoe decided to try to get a bit "comfortable" with Maxwell & Maribelle who were napping on the back of the chair. As you may notice, Maxwell is not in the following photos. Once he realized there was a **gasp** cat next to him he slowly & quietly crept away stopping & glaring at the cat every couple steps with a VERY disgusted look on his face. It was pretty funny.

I was able to capture Maribelle's reaction...


Uhm, what-chu think you are doing cat?

Are you the nice kitty?

I still not sure 'bout this scenario.

But I guess if I sleep with one eye open.......


  1. Those are some CUTE pictures...Maribelle with the one eye on the cat and the other closed so sweet. That is one Big Giant Cat :)

  2. Ha ha, Maribell's expression says it all, our dogs would never curl up anywhere near Dylan either.

  3. That's a precious picture series. I can see why Maribell's a bit leery. That cat is way bigger than she is!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  4. Oh Heather, this is too funny and so darn cute!