Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday at the Movies - Lovely Winter Walk

Ahhh, Maine happened to be blessed on this 28th day of December with 40 some odd degree weather! Seeing as it has been too cold/snowy for taking the Chi's out walking for some time now, we jumped at the opportunity good ole Mother Nature provided us with. Considering it has been so long the Chi's really did a fantistic job at staying somewhat in order...especially being walked by 9yo Ivy. Marley, seeing as he has only had a handful of chances to walk since we've had him because of weather was a little focused on me when Ivy walked him but otherwise he did fantastic!

It is a long video so watch at your own leisure & I hope you enjoy! :o)


  1. Aw, how precious! Little Marley is too cute.

    Can't believe we had snow in Dallas for Christmas and we're expecting more tomorrow! Even inside the house our chis are bundled up like it's the North Pole! LOL Enjoy your mild winter cause it may not last. Cute vid. :)

  2. Please could Ivy come and teach me how to walk dogs, lol. I get tangled up walking 2, 3 is virtually impossible! What a professional.
    ps, you are very lucky with your weather, particularly in Maine.