Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday at the Movies - Courtesy of my 9yo daughter

As I was going to upload yet another play time video for todays Monday at the movies, I notice a video I didn't recognize. Upon watching it I realized that while I was sleeping after work yesterday (and dad & big sis went to a handbell concert), Ivy had taken it upon herself to have a "puppy photo day" down in my studio. Rather than take still pictures she video taped a few movies. Here is the first one...

For all the people who wonder how I get the pups to all sit still together - this will prove how easy they make it for me! LOL They're happy just sitting there, looking around & waiting to see what comes next. hehe Enjoy!

(please excuse my messy photo studio! note to self: must better organize my props LOL)


  1. That is just too adorable, I love your daughter, she is a natural at dog training.
    For my next all-together dog photo I am going to sit them on something smaller so they have to sit together then I might get them all to look at me.
    Isn't Marley growing! He is nearly as big as Max.

  2. OMD! That is so sweet! The pups all lined up so obediently like they were taking a class from your daughter made me LOL. I love that settee, also.

  3. That is so cute, tell your daughter good job!!

    I just love how Milo always cocks his head to one side!