Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow...

...and it was the first time the pups seemed to enjoy it! Maybe because it was warm out in the afternoon (even though then the snow was melting) - even Matilda disappeared for 5 minutes out back sniffing around. The other 4 pups stayed close to me & close to the only grass showing due to the snowman that was made.

"What is this stuff? Lets just pee all over it..."

"I'm really not sure about this..."

"Think we can make it to that black stuff over there?"

"I don't know but I'm gonna make a run for it!!!"

"Me too!! Wa-hooooooooooo!!"

"Nope, too cold for my sensitive toes."

"Maybe it will be safe to go this way..."

"This is really fun!"

"Yeah, but I'm coming back so I can go warm up inside."


  1. Wow you guys got a bunch of snow! I love the pics of them running toward the black top. Too funny!

    Erin,Bubbles,Texas and Victoria

  2. beautiful dawgs and pics...
    love your green/burgundy background


  3. Love the photos. Your dogs are truly too adorable for words. Wish we could get some white stuff here in Texas, but our chis would not last long since they're not used to it.

  4. Oh my dog, look at that snow, it looks really deep!
    Those are such great photos, you all look so pretty against the whiteness.

  5. Really nice snow pictures. Your crew has adapted to the colder weather. Love the picture of Milo, the cold popped his ear up. He and Draco really do resemble each other.