Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daddy Love

Maxie & Matilda show some daddy love. And as you can see Matilda is a little protective of her daddy (she'll playfully chase the other pups away but still...) Even though I've tried for the past year to try to get him to stop the behavior - I think he likes the attention! She doesn't do that when anyone else is holding her. Then, when Maxwell comes over she gets mad & leaves...typical Matilda! LOL But she is such a daddy's girl...and that is just too sweet.


  1. I LOVE Daddy lovin' pictures! I think we should start a thread on CC just for Daddy lovin' pictures! Matilda really loves her Daddy. That's so sweet. And sweet little Maxwell had to get in on that action too! And I love how Milo is just sitting there on the back of the couch, just chilling and watching it all.

    Oh, love the new layout! And that heading picture is to die for!

  2. She Loves her Daddy, that pesky little brother!