Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Maxwells 1st Annual Appt.

After Maribelle's disruptive behavior the last time we headed to our vets I opted for Maxwell & I to fly solo at this appt. I'm always so nervous about how my pups will react because they're all a bit leary of strangers. Both Matilda & Maxwell have displayed fear aggression at one point or another and Milo & his charging unsure humans. Maribelle, well, as I've said before, just has a lot to say to people/dogs.

Anyway, Maxwell, his harness, collar & tags weighed in at 6lbs even. I mention the "add ons" because being so small they're sure to add on a few oz, kwim? I did have a concern about his ear tips being dry/loosing hair. This has been going on for quite a while. It was nothing that I had major concerns about because it hasn't gotten any worse & doesn't bother him at all so I hadn't brought it to their attention just yet. I've actually noticed Matilda has the same sort of problem as well but hers isn't so bad or maybe we can't notice it because of her darker skin? Anyway, the vet went on about thyroid problems, etc & how we could test him for that, if that didn't come out positive than they could do a biopsy. For a little dry skin & little hair loss I didn't really want to go into that if at all possible. He shows no other symptoms of thyroid problems but of course, if he develops them I'm all for having him tested. She did however, suggest giving him some Welactin on a regular basis. I didn't ask but I'm thinking it could be beneficial to the other pups as well and I have heard many people talk about a fish oil suppliment.

I was very proud of Maxwell though. Besides him trying to continually burry himself in my armpit he did very well. Nervous of the handling/exam? Sure. But he didn't as much as show his teeth or make a peek during his blood test & vacs so I was very happy! And his ole toofers look FANTASTIC which thrilled me since my other 3 all have teeth issues. And his cherry eye, still protruding a tad but as I told the vet it has really improved as it is now in more than out (like it was before) and when it is out it's not sticking out as much as it used to. Perhaps with some more time it will completely resolve on it's own. One can hope anyway. As long as it doesn't get worse so it needs surgery - that's the important part!

I leave this with a cute picture of my little snuggle buddy, Mama's boy. Appropriate for his little "adventure" the other day. This time...he is prepared for a little hike. hehe


  1. What a good boy you have there! He deserves a big hug and kiss for behaving so well at his appt. If the only "symptom" of a thyroid issue is dry ears, then I'm thinking its probably not a thyroid issue, but I agree that its good to be on the lookout for other symptoms. That great about his teeth! And that picture is too adorable. He's all set for his next solo outing! Ha ha.

  2. Love the hiking outfit, does he carry anything in the pack? I saw on Dog Whisperer that some dogs like to wear the pack so they feel a sense of purpose. Glad the check up went well and he didn't suffer any consequences from the adventure.

  3. Actually the back pack is a bit too small for Maxwell. (though I rigged it to work for pictures LOL) We just got it last weekend & it does fit Mari. But we've not had a chance to use it. I've also seen them on the Dog Whisperer & would LOVE to get one for my big dog so he'd exert more energy on a walk. I'd have to fill it with some water bottles or rocks or something. LOL But they are great!

    That's what I was thinking - I'd not worry about the dry ears unless he started developing other symptoms. I know it's probably too soon to *really* tell a difference but I swear his ear tips look a bit darker/not as dry today! He only had the first dose of Welactin last night. Too soon to tell??? I really think it may help though....maybe with the shedding too? I'm giving it to all the pups so we'll see how it works!