Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whoa, it's Thursday Already??

So much for my plan to daily update on our little house guest! This week has flown by! The good news is, the whole entire pack made it through the week w/o any teeth flying or "too" many words. The bad/good news is I've realized just how lucky I am with my crew of Chihuahuas!!! The first few days Lacie was a doll - didn't even realize she was here. Starting Tuesday - she started peeing on our floor. This is a typical Lacie behavior, so I hear. But during last years 3 week visit she had no accidents what so ever - even my grandfather was surprised! This little lady is as spiteful as you get! I know some people say dogs aren't spiteful but I beg to differ. Just to give an example:

I came home with some lunch, took Lacie out to pee & sat down on the couch & proceeded to eat. I don't allow my dogs to beg & Lacie was no exception. So I simply told her to "go" in the next room as I followed her until she was there. She was good - only tried once to come back & then got the hint. So I check on her after 2 minutes & there she sits "smiling" at me with a small pee puddle right next to her. I ignore it/her & finished eating. Went to clean it up & such. Not 30 minutes later I look again & there are 2 more pee spots! I've caught her in the act a couple times but she's so quick, I've more than once soaked my socks. Grrrrr....

Yes, I've taken her out every 2-3 hours (she is almost 4 years old) which is accessive if you ask me but I know that's what my grandfather does so no problem. This little 4yo Pom has whizzed on my floor more in the past 3 days than my entire pack has in the past 6 months!!! Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!

So needless to say I'm sort of excited to not have to clean up pee anymore. LOL Otherwise she's been great. Aside of course from being a totally bag to my dogs but hey, I can't say mine would behave the same if they were in Lacie's situation. And I'm sure she misses her "Papa".... But it is good to know my pups can & will accept another dog into their pack w/o much trouble at all. All you need is a nice long walk to start, a little pack leadership & they're good with whatever you want to dish to them! :o)


  1. Oh Heather, I feel for you! Because I too have a canine houseguest, my mom's mini Yorkie. I hear ya about all the pee. I think I used more Nature's Miracle last night than I have in many months.

    Hopefully the stay over was good for Lacie. Maybe she'll start to warm up a bit more to other dogs. And it was definitely good for you and your pups b/c now you know that they'll be accepting of another dog.

    By the way, I've missed your updates the last few days!!!!

  2. LOL...I don't even have any Natutures Miracle. Though I said if my pups start peeing in the house as a result I wouldn't be very happy! But Lacie is gone & they've still been pottying outside so I think we're set. I hope your house guest stops peeing where they're not supposed to. LOL