Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Collars!

Would you believe that we've had Chi's for over a year & never have bought them a nylon collar? Sure we've had harness galore (I'll never go w/o a Puppia harness on a walk!) & some nice fabric collars from Park Avenue Dogs but no regular nylon collar!

So, the girls & I ventured out to the The Animal House in hopes to find a couple matching collars for the girls & boys. The boys were easy but the girls not so much. I couldn't find one that would match both Maribelle's & Matilda's coat colors (I'm so particular like that!). So I settled on a couple different designs & I think they look splendid!

So about our little outting - I figured Maribelle needed the socialization (the little yapper that she is) & I knew Matilda would be a perfect influence since she doesn't make a peep when out & about. Both girls were great until the clerk approached us to see if we were looking for anything in particular. Then Mari starts in. Every person she laid eyes on she'd start barking despite my corrections. I must look & sound like a fool but oh well. One lady, god bless her soul, stopped & asked if she could pet them. I replied "well, you can put your hand down for them to sniff but they may not let you pet them". And she did. Mari kept growling/barking & Matilda just looked at her like she was growing a second head. I explained that Mari, while sounding not so friendly, wouldn't bite. She just has a lot to say. She stood & talked for a minute before walking off thanking me. Next time I need to remember to THANK THEM for taking the time to stop. I think we need more people like she, to be more understanding of our little dogs who just need the extra time & socialization. But I have to admit - it would be a bit intimidating & I can't say as I'd stop & take the time with a little yapping dog. PRE-Chihuahua anyway. Now knowing - I'd certainly be more apt to give them the chance.

I did not leave the store until Mari was quiet. She had some treats as I held her by the cash register - she even giving the clerk a little kiss. As long as the exit each "situation" quietly & happy I'm sure it will get easier & easier.... But this little Maribelle is giving me a run for my money...errr, patience. LOL

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  1. Fantastic collars Heather! I love them and they look very adorable AND matching! Ha ha. Lexi likes to fuss a bit when we encounter other dogs, so I know how it is. It was so great that the woman you met was able to sort of help with the socialization process.

    The pictures are fantastic! I can't wait until I can get my DSLR!