Monday, May 25, 2009

Mari & the Memorial Day Parade

Maribelle really never has been around large crowds of people so I figured I'd take her into the first parade solo just in case she decided to put up a stink & bark at everyone she saw like she generally does when she's out. To my surprise she took to the people wonderfully & even allowed pets with out much fuss at all. She was happy to see other dogs but did bark a few times. She "met" one beagle very nicely but the second time she sniffed the same beagle she charged him. Then she charged another medium sized dog & a pomeratian (who I swore could have passed for anothing long coat Chi...except for that pom tushy & tail hehe). Hmmmm.... Is she insecure or being protective of me with the charing??? Saying that she could be in viewing distance of the other dogs & even was relatively close to a few with out any problem at all but as soon as they sniffed was when she had an issue. I SO want to continue with our dog walks/play dates & hope hope hope we get more members join in some meet ups!

At any rate here are a few photos of Miss Maribelle at her first parade. Getting a dose of socialization PLUS.


  1. She is really turning into a beautiful dog...
    I bet she will turn out some great puppies if that is what you decide to do.

  2. Mari looks lovely. That's great to hear that she did so well with the crowd. It sounds like she is being protective. It seems to be almost a non-issue though, so I think with a bit more socialization, she will get better. The pictures are wonderful!

  3. Thanks! I'm so excited to see what Mari produces if we go ahead with the breeding. Hopefully next April we'll find out!

    And I think you may be right Tiffany because Maribelle is a pretty confident dog. When she first saw the dogs her tail was wagging & such. I can tell you that everyone got a chuckle watching her jump toward such a big dog compared to her. These Chi's do not consider their size for anything - even her being a "drama queen" at home didn't care how big that other dog was. LOL