Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Walks

I've been trying to get back into the routine of a daily walk. I had been getting a bit slack in that area. We take the same general route every day & last year this one house had a "crazy dog" who runs the edge of their lawn & right by continuously until we've passed. They must have an underground fence or something. Anyway, we hadn't seen him all spring until yesterday & considering the circumstances my crew did well. Not so much any barking but more growling & "panic" in their movement. Of course, they weren't sure if the dog was going to come attack them or not so I get that especially since the movement of the other dog was also panic as he was running back & forth.

Today as we turned the corner off our road I see a woman walking her dog. This woman I know & I also know her dog walks off leash (wonderfully I may add). I see the dog watching my crew as we got closer & again, a lot of growling, mostly from little Maxwell and all of them were running around amongst themselves being unsure of the strange aproaching dog but that was about the extent of it! SOOO much better than that first walk this season we met a dog, if you readers probably remember. hehe The dog (which is a yellow lab btw) walked up to my crew & just sort of let us walk passed. I didn't stop until we were just passed him & then I stopped to chat with the woman for a few short moments. Apparently her dog is "terrified" of small dogs because at one point a small dog jumped in his face or something or other. I could never have guessed...he did great & was calm the whole time which in turn helped ease the severity of panic in my pack.

The point of my blog today is I believe, even though we've only had 2 group meet ups, that it is helping! I totally see an improvement & I'm so hoping to continue to do so as we do more & more meet ups & we continue our walks & meet more dogs along the way! There is hope!


  1. Great progress on the walks...I just went over to your web site and saw the new picutures of the crew...I LOVED them Milo looks so handsome in his cowboy hat. The girls looked precious, all feminine and sweet and Maxwell was cute in his hiking gear.

  2. That's great! I'm so glad they are making progress. Unfortunately for us, our Small Dog Meet-up group was disbanded because the organizer could no longer continue with it. I'm in the process of trying to get a Chihuahua playgroup together in hopes of helping Lexi chill out.

  3. Thanks for checking out the site Debra! ;o)

    Tiffany, is there any way you could just "take over" the group that was already put together? Or at least get a list of the people who participated? Getting one together where you have members that participate on a regular basis I'm finding is so difficult. :o/

  4. Good Morning Heather:
    Great blog site!!!