Monday, June 1, 2009

New Walking Route & Some New Portraits

Figuring my crew is getting a bit too comfy or just bored on their regular walking route (even Matilda, who is as quiet as a mouse outside of the house, started to bark a bit the past couple days - at nothing no less.) I decided to take a different direction on this mornings walk. Instead of the quiet dead end/scenic route I took the main road. Our "main" road isn't too terribly busy but being as it was a Monday morning there was a decent amount of traffic along with people getting in their cars, construction people preparing for their projects, etc. MUCH more going on on this route which at this point is probably a good thing for these guys, socially.

Not only did motocycles, large trucks, cats & new dogs show themselves on the way - my crew was basically pretty quiet - I couldn't believe it! The first 1/2 mile or so on the main road they did act a bit panic stricken with all the hustle & bustle but soon they got into their traveling mode. However, something or should I say someone was killing my hand! MILO apparently wasn't thrilled with this walk as he was leaving it up to me to drag him. Thank goodness for those new collars - I thought I'd unhook his harness & hook onto his collar (which I generally don't like to do because of their tiny necks) but it helped 100% - he was perfect from there on out!

So we pass this house & a dog, a large dog (gray giant schnauzer perhaps???) comes running out barking. By the time it saw us we had already passed his house but you know - there is only one way home. We continued on a 1/2 mile before turning around. As we approached that house again I accidentally stepped on someones foot causing a screatch. Of course, that attracted the dog & here he comes toward us barking an obviously territorial bark. Like it or not, I put on my best imaginary Cesar Millan costume, looked forward & walked on calmly not even looking at this dog. The house is on a corner, I'm on HIS side of the road & in the midst of it even a car comes so I have to stand to the side with my crew until it passed. Maxwell gave a couple growls....but that was it!! Even with that dog standing 10ft (or less) away barking. I was very proud to say the least...and wasn't I THRILLED the dog didn't come any closer... LOL

With that said, I think we were all happy to get home after our 3 mile walk this morning. And this afternoon I snapped a few photos of the crew - one you can see in our new blog header. The individuals you can peek at on the "meet our crew" section of our WEBSITE & the boys photos & the girls photo are to follow....


  1. That great news! It looks like they are becoming more confident as a result of your walks and socialization and are getting comfortable with other dogs, people, cars, etc. And way to go to them for being so good when that other dog was yapping away at them. They each deserve a big kiss for that one! The pictures are great. I just checked out the ones on the website too. Your pictures are making me want my DSLR now so I can start learning!

  2. Good going with the new walk route. The pups new pictures are great...Gary commented on how well you get them to pose. You have your pack very well trained.