Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And Matilda in her tooth extraction....

Okay, this is the last about the teeth for a few weeks anyway. Matalda went in to get her 2 retained baby canines out. While I wasn't as nervous because of just dealing with Maribelle last week (and she had a whole lot more to be pulled) I always get nervous when leaving my pups at the vet. She was a wreck on the way - her fear of riding seems to have gotten worse & she pants & gets really warm. However, we made progress I think because she actually would lay down when I asked her which she'd never do before. I'm thinking it's because I was a bit softer with her than firm like I usually am (you know, Cesar says baby talk doesn't really do any good LOL). But in this case it really worked.

Getting at the vet we entered to see 2 young Basenji's which were quite excited to see Matilda. Matilda being Matilda tried fleeing like she was being attacked by a lion or something. I knew what that meant - emptied anal glands. Geeeesh. So as soon as we were taken into the exam room I quickly whiped her the best I could before the tech came in.... I did warn them that Matilda had gotten a bit nippy with someone a couple weeks back. Well, she actually tried to bite someones face but it was our fault for pushing her onto them. Regardless, I wanted to give them the heads up just in case.

I got a call just after 10 saying she was out & doing great. Again...now to wait until 3pm. I got there just before 3:30 (just coming back from a funeral) & they said she was a little nippy but nothing real bad. She just panics so & I told the tech she was even getting panicky in the car. The tech knows how much we've done with her with socialization so we just concluded she was a funny little dog. Still....it won't stop me from trying to socialize her more. Maybe someday she will trust people more. I'm sure it's in her genetics to be a standand Chi who is very suspicious of strangers...I just wish she didn't feel the need to nip. LOL

Anyway, tonight she's doing okay. She's been sick a few times though. We were sure to skip breakfast (and water) this morning so I don't know where she got the upchuck... Hopefully by morning she'll be better because every time she throws up she goes into a reverse sneeze fit like she always does when she vomits and sometimes...it takes a bit to calm her down. So now for a few pictures...

On the way to the vets office - her new thing of panting when riding. Her little face is screaming ANXIETY!

On the way home - still anxious (look at those ears & she wouldn't lay down for the life of her) but drowsy at the same time...

And a picture of her new smile - bruised gums, stitches & all...

And her extracted teeth - yes, there were actually 3! But I had to throw a quarter in there...look at how long her teeth were. WOWZA!


  1. Poor Matilda. Isn't it so weird how some Chis love riding in the car, but some get carsick?! My mom's Yorkie gets carsick and I feel so bad for the poor boy. Lexi does that panting thing at the vets office, and only at the vets office. I think she gets herself so worked up that she gets hot and pants. I'm always worried she's going to pass right on out!

    And wow! Those are some llloooonnnnggg teeth! You wouldn't think something that long could inside that tiny Chi head. But, I'm so glad everything went well and she's doing good. Reading about Matilda and Mari's teeth extractions is making me feel a lot better about potentially having to have Bentley's incisors pulled (but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that!).

    Matilda looks lovely, even all doped up after surgery. Get well soon Matilda!

  2. I'm also just waiting for Matilda to pass out when she's panting. You can feel the heat generating right off of her! It's really pretty scary! I'm glad I was able to get her to lay down - usually she won't even think of it because she's so tense. We'll have to take some more rides & hopefully get her used to it. Thankfully Matilda doesn't throw up when we're in the car but she sure could think of better things to do. LOL

    I couldn't believe how long those teeth were but I guess they've been there for a long time. I don't know if they've grown (I would think since I'm sure she didn't have those being a little puppy - they are taller than her muzzle was! LOL) but the root part was so much longer than the part that you could see...it was just amazing!