Saturday, June 20, 2009

Okay, so I lied...more TEETH. Well, sort of....

Poor Matilda - Wed morning I noticed when I looked in her mouth, quite a bit of drainage gushed out from where they pulled her right baby canine. I was a bit freaked out but being as it was the day after surgery & knowing some drainage is probably normal I thought I'd wait it out until the afternoon & check to see if it was still draining. Afternoon came & she was more drainage She was swollen on both sides but I knew that also was normal.

Come yesterday afternoon I noticed that the left side of her muzzle was coming back to normal while the right side was still swollen. Come 3:40pm, I noticed it seemed a bit more swollen on her right side. I lifted her lip to get a look at the incision (which that morning had looked pretty good) & more fluid gushed out. I dialed the vets immediately knowing being a Friday afternoon they'd not be back until Monday. I got the vet that did her surgery on the phone in seconds & she said she'd probably need some antibiotics as it sounded like she may have an infection brewing but if I could...swing in with her & she'd take a peek. So we jumped in the car & headed straight there.

We got there & I carried Matilda in because it was pouring. They took us straight into an exam room & with in 2 minutes the vet was in with us. I showed her the incision & she was able to see the drainage come out....a lovely sight. Ick! By that time her face was so swollen I had a hard time lifing her lip up...poor girl. A few minutes later we were on our way home with antibiotics. I LOVE OUR VETS! They got us in for a quick exam & we were on our way home with meds in less than 50 minutes from the phone call (and we are 20 minutes away from the office) and with only a bill for the antibiotics! However, if it's still draining come Monday they do want her back in to check her out...

I started her on the meds as soon as we got home. This morning her right side was even more swollen - or should I say the swelling has spread to under her eye. She really is a sight. Hopefully the meds start to kick in soon...


  1. Oh poor sweet she able to eat? I hate to see her suffering. Mari just sailed through her procedure and she had much more work done. I guess it is just the individual dog! I bet you are worried now about Milo going in to have his removed. I don't remember reading about Maxies teeth,are they OK?

  2. Actually, she woofs her food down as much as she always has and appears to "feel" fine. She has been a little more possessive over me with the other pups. Or should I say - she will ignore me AND them & run away if she's sitting with me & they come close...which is unusual for her. Plus, there have been a few times when she'll be sitting with someone & if someone comes to sniff her she'll show her teeth - so I'm thinking she is in a bit of pain or at least not feeling just right.

    However, she is playing, chewing & eating normally so if she's uncomfortable it's not too bad. She is still on pain meds as well so I'm sure that helps.

    I'm assuming age plays a big part as far as deciduous teeth go. Seeing the size difference between Matilda & Maribelle's...I think Matilda had grown & were more embedded than Mari's which is possibly why Matilda is having a harder time even though it was a more simple proceedure. Where Mari was still young the "roots" weren't as long or embedded possibly? It does make me a bit more anxious with Milo...but then again it makes me more comfortable knowing what to expect & what can go wrong.

    The vet said the irritation could have also been caused by when they scrape their gums up on the adult canines (for whatever reason they do that). I would think it would have been easy for any bacteria that entered her mouth to get into not only the incision but also where they scraped the gum.

    As for Maxwell...he did have 2 retained top canines as well. But where we waited until 7 1/2 months to have him neutered - they took them out then & with NO problem what so ever! I peeked at them once after he came home & they looked pretty great - they never caused him no problems & he had no swelling at all. They didn't even ask me to soften his food?? But he was young & it was only 2 teeth. I'm guessing if Mari only had her 2 canines she would have done that well too.

    Anyway...hopefully Milo doesn't get an infection after his but if he does I'll know exactly what to look for & how it needs to be treated. Hopefully it will be quite a boring process though if you know what I mean!

  3. Oh, swollen or not, that is such an adorable little face. How is she doing?

    S and D

  4. She's doing MUCH better, thanks! The swelling is just about gone. (phew!)

  5. How is she doing now? Hopefully better!