Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mourning the Loss of a Pack Leader and the Bad Part about having SO Many Dogs!

Morning the loss of a pack leader: at least that is what I think Mari is doing. Every time I leave the house, this is what I can hear from outside. It used to last longer but now only lasts about 30 seconds. And it is only when I leave? Nothing like making mom feel bad. LOL Gabby is so funny hanging out with her. You can see how patient Mari is with that camera in her face...

Please don't mind Ivy raising her voice at Maribelle - she was stressed because our big dog was freaking out in the kitchen (he gets WAY over excited when he goes for a walk and pounces all over everyone & that's where we were heading with the boys). Generally they're only supposed to do the "SHH" part and never use the name when correcting and she obviously didn't know Gabby was filming.

Also, as I said we took the BOYS for a walk. Do you see Matilda anywhere when Gabby was filming? NO! I got half way down the driveway before I realized we didn't see Matilda as we were getting the boys ready to go. Why?? Ivy had taken her upstairs to help her clean & locked her up there! When you have so many dogs sometimes you just don't realize when one is missing. This isn't the first time this has happened either. LOL Luckily not much time goes by before we realize we're one short. I sent Ivy back up to open the door & she said she was sitting patiently right by the door waiting for someone to let her out. Poor thing... LOL


  1. Oh poor Mari! She was missing her momma for sure. Bentley and Lexi will do this, but only when/if we leave them when we're not supposed to (i.e. evening after we come home and have to leave again or on weekends). They'll also do it if for some reason we have to confine them to an area where they can't see us, but they still know and can hear us in the house. Funny little ones, aren't they?

    Gabby is hysterical! Her video was very entertaining and she is quite the comedian. Please tell her that I compliment her on her filming skills.

    Oh and poor Matilda. Hubby has shut Lexi in a room by herself by accident a few times. Normally she'll sit there or whine until we come and let her out.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets their pups in another room. LOL Matilda, I think, would sit there all day waiting. She may scratch but I doubt she'd make any other noise. LOL Any one of the others would though I think. :o)

    I passed your message along to Gabby - she was quite flattered. She is generally very quiet but gets so funny when she's home & alone with a video camera. hehe

    That is so funny your pups will cry & howl when you go out of your routine. You'd think Mari would be used to me going to work - she does this every night I leave for work but then again sometimes I take her with me so she's probably thinking "HEY, you forgot meeeeeeeeee!". LOL They are SO SO funny....