Monday, June 8, 2009

It's the Fuuuuuuurminator......

I'm always a sucker for those commercials about "amazing" pet products. I'd seen this brush, the Furminator, on television quite a bit & thought how I'd love to try it. Milo has been a big shedder since the day we brought him home at 18 weeks. Well, when visiting Ames Supply this weekend I stopped in to see if they had any Skinneez (another AWESOME dog invention I learned about on Club Chihuahua!). Not only did I find those but I also came across the Furminator as well! I knew I shouldn't *really* spend the money but I did & am SO glad. It's well worth the $$! I was so amazed at the amount of hair I could get from a short coat Chihuahua! I was going to take a picture of all the hair but didn't. LOL His coat was remarkably softer after his brushing. And the second day, I brushed him again to get even more out. I figure after a week of daily brushings he'll more than likely be down to no shedding. I'll just have to keep it up once every week or 2. So if you are tired of dog hair...definitely check out one of these tools! Oh & I did try it on our big dog. He's a HUGE HUGE shedder. It worked great but I didn't have the 2-3 hours it would take to get all of his hair out. But I did get a lot out of him as well...a whole kitchen garbage cans worth. Nasty! LOL

And whats a post w/o a picture or two? Here are the kids with their Skinneez. They LOVE them!!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to find these. And I'm so glad they have caught on. When I posted about them several months ago, I had no idea they would catch on like this! But I'm so glad they did. They're such an ingenious invention that keeps my munchkins occupied for hours. And the Furminator...isn't it wonderful?! Bentley doesn't shed much at all, so I don't usually get any hair off of him, but because Lexi has a double coat, it pulls a good bit off of her.

    Love the pictures. I think I'm in love with Zander now too! He's such a handsome boy.

  2. Yeah, see you know what I'm talking about with the double coat! It's funny how some short coats don't have one & some do. Maxwell has a little bit of one...not too bad. Matilda seems to only have one on the white part of her?? LOL It's funny because with the stripe up her head - it looks like a mohawk because it's super thick & stands up above the blue color. hehe

    I'm so glad you had posted about the Skinneez - I didn't realize it was you who started the Skinneez craze! THANK YOU!! My pups so love these things...I don't think they've played with anything else since we got them! They're especially fond of the red fox for some reason...isn't that funny??

    And thanks re: Zander. He is a pretty boy. He is 6 but acts like a big hyper KID. LOL

  3. I totally get it about the double-coat. It's almost as if Lexi is half short-coat and half long-coat. For a short coat, her hair is really long. I Furminatored my mom's Yorkie and the amount of hair that came off him was insane! Matilda is rocking the mohawk! That's awesome.

    You're very welcome. Yeah, I found them several months ago at Hairy Winston. My two fell in love with them. Then I sent one to Teresa for Gia's birthday and her pups loved it too. She posted pictures for me of them playing with it and I posted some pics of my munchkins with it laying in the sun.

    There's got to be something about that red fox one! That is Bentley's favorite and Lexi seems to favor it too (although that could be just because Bentley likes it and she likes to take it from him)!

  4. WOW, out of a Yorkie?? I didn't think Yorkies shed?? Of course...I don't know a lot about their "hair" except for they have a lot of it. LOL

    Yep, there must be something about the red fox - how funny!! Maybe it's the color??? It is red they see right??