Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain Rain.....how FUN!

NOT! Up until today we've had some crappy weather for a week or two. TONS of rain. Well, we had been keeping the outside play area door shut (though with all the rain the door swelled so you couldn't actually latch it). A couple days ago, the pups apparently figured out how to push it open and decided they LOVED to play in the rain!

We only figured this out when Mari came in like this...

Soon after Matilda came in like this (and Maxwell - though I didn't get a picture of him since I was busy bathing Matilda when he came in)...CAKED in mud! You really can't see just how much was on her. It was quite hysterical because they obviously were having a great time out there. Only little Milo didn't want to get his paws dirty & went. hehe

And for fun....Mari & Maxie. :o)


  1. Ha ha ha! That is hysterical. Mari looks adorable all wet, and Matilda looks adorable wet and dirty. My two are more like Milo. They simply couldn't fathom going out in the rain, getting wet, and potentially getting dirty. Ha ha. Thank goodness because our backyard is still mostly dirt at this point and they would be filthy coming in from that! We've had crappy weather all week too. Our days have been mostly sunny and HOT, but it has been storming and raining like crazy at night. And the munchkins don't even ask to go outside if they know it's raining. They're so prissy!

  2. Yes, Mari was quite proud of herself! I was actually a little surprised all 3 loved playing in the rain - especially Maribelle since she's such a priss sometimes. Matilda...the other day I look out in our sandbox (the dang thing leaked so there was a bit of water in the sand) & she's out prancing around in the icky wet sand! It was so funny...I wish I could have got it on video.

    That is so funny yours are prissy too. I bet if they were around another dog who liked to play in the rain they may join in. Sometimes it takes a little bad influence to get 'em going I think! :oP

  3. Maribelle lookes so cute all wet, and Matilda looked like she had fun rooting around in the dirt. My Dra is a bad actor who thinks he will melt if he gets wet. We have had a long stretch of rainy stormy weather here too.

  4. Haha!! Don't you just love it when the dogs come in all dirty? In Dobby's case, it's because he looooves to roll in worms and other stinky things in the yard...

    Sharon and Dobby